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    Default I want to say hello

    I am BabyFlo. Well, the name was a quickshoot, since I am not the one in diapers. My wife is -Yes, I am a lucky guy. But we both love to read a story from times to times and try to work on own storys.
    I have to admit, that we are not native-speaker and that It might take a while to finish one of ou storys, sorry

    I think this is enouth for the start, as I said: I just want to jay "Hello"

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    Well hi there. Welcome to ADISC . We have a few other Germans on here (just waiting for a post by the always wonderful Dr. Peachy....)

    We also have a pretty good stories forum on here with a lot of really good material. We're not a group designed specifically for stories, but we enjoy a good, well written tale now and then . Feel free to submit something, if you'd like. It's okay not being native, and having it take a while. I totally understand it (you should see me try to write in Spanish, lol ). Just take your time, we're a patient bunch, most of us.

    You write pretty well for not being native though, so I look forward to reading. Yes, you are very, very lucky to have a wife who is into diapers, gotta admit. It's a dream for many guys on here, I know.

    Besides writing and diapers, what else are you into? Any favorite music? Car? Video Game? etc.

    I know you'll fit in just fine. Enjoy your stay.

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    You just wanted to say hello, and now you have. Here at ADISC, all dreams come true. Yay! It's like Disneyland, talking animals and all! I'm sure you'll dig it here man. Actually, I'm not sure, but I'd say you mostly probably will. Also, stories are cool... and that's all I got. Welcome anyways.

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    Welcome to ADISC! Nice of you to register on this site in your wife's interest.

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    Hello there. and welcome; stories are popular and do get readers...

    and there are threads to do with spouses...

    It is always happy to hear of spouses who accept and even promote the activities enjoyed by their loved ones.

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