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Thread: My first ever nappy!

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    Default My first ever nappy!

    Hello everyone. My name is chris and I've fantasised about wetting a nappy for a while but, for myriad of reasons, haven't actually purchased any nappies myself - until now. I've just ordered a pack of Molicare Super Plus and a pack of Abri-Form Extra Plus as my girlfriend is going away for 2 weeks on the weekend so I will have the apartment to myself. I had intended to wear all weekend and every evening after work but wanted advise regarding any potential for leakage if peeing while lying in bed. We just bought a lovely new mattress and I wouldn't want to soil it. Also, and I understand it is would vary person to person, but how much wee is 3750ml and 3600ml (respectively the quoted capacity of the molicare and Abina? Do these kinda nappies just go from wet to leaking or can you kinda tell they are too full?

    Cheers in advance for any responses!

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    Hey. It's always cool when you get to use for the first time, or use some new brand.

    Using the nappy in bed shouldn't necessarily cause leakage, but it would be wise to cover your new mattress. You could use bed-mats, plastic sheets etc, if you think leakage is likely, or you could just lay on a spare duvet or a few blankets to catch any small leaks before you notice and go change. When lying down, there is the additional risk of leaking out of the waist-band, so be aware of that. But as long as the nappy fits well and isn't over-used or flooded, there's no reason it should leak more while lying down. Think of physics though, and be aware that when lying on your side, the wee doesn't hit the padding as effectively.

    Nappies work far better when used in small frequent amounts. This gives the Super Absorbent Polymer (SAP) time to absorb deeply and turn from crystals into a gel. You can tell when the nappies are full, largely through experience because it will vary between brands and types of nappies. But generally, the absorbent material gets heavier and more bulky.

    I never know exactly how much wee would equate to the guideline absorbency measurement (ml), but I tend to imagine it in coke bottles (500ml etc) to get an idea of how much the volume would be. Again though, learning through experience is probably both necessary and the most effective way.

    If you have other questions, you might find it useful to throw some key words into the search feature and read some threads on the topic. Welcome to ADISC. Enjoy!

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    I've never thought of it through coke bottle amounts before now, Elli. Its actually quite helpful :P
    And, wow, they definitely hold a lot more than I originally imagined in my mind.

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    Hehe. Glad it was usual, not silly! I wonder though if the capacity (ml) is how much the entire nappy could absorb, whereas unfortunately in practical terms, often the back remains dry (unless you're lying down). And it might not absorb all that in one go either! But those factors aside, I agree, it does seem like an impressive amount doesn't it?

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    Bravo! Iím happy for you and I hope you will have a great time wearing them. And I also wish you that one day you will have the guts to make the steps and tell her.

    One step at a time.

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    3785mL = 1 U.S. Gallon
    946mL = 1 U.S. Quart

    I know these off of the top of my head because I mix chemicals for my darkroom and everything is in mL but my storage containers are quarts and gallons.

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    Some things that I'd suggest to a newtimer:

    Don't trust the absorbancy numbers, they actually hold a lot less. It's hard to say if they will leak in bed, as every diaper fits differently, and it also depends on your skill when putting one on. You should get some experience with that quickly, though

    You will probably also have problems wetting the first time (but if you are a natural ), and wetting one in bed is something I have a hard time doing even after quite regular diaper usage for a few years. It's a good idea to point "him" down if you have to do it in bed to avoid it leaking out of the top of the diaper (which is really yucky), and a good way to not totally screw up when diapering yourself is to diaper yourself standing with your back against a door/wall (you should be able to get it kinda snug that way, it's easier than doing it lying down or sitting IMO).

    If you really want to wet them in bed, try to get some other means of protection between you and the bed, like a towel. Even if it doesn't leak you will probably feel safer than without one, and it's hard enough to wet one in bed if you don't worry about leaking

    If you don't intend to wet them in bed you might consider pointing "him" upwards for a more comfortable first time if you get too excited. And don't regret doing it after having done it, or get your mind on something else shortly after it.

    The diapers you have bought should be really good, I've actually gotten the same ones a few days back. Keep in mind that most diapers aren't meant to be flooded, so if you drink alot all day beforehand (and some when you gotta go to make actually going in your diaper easier), try to hold it back after a few seconds to let the stuff spread around in the diaper.

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    Thanks for all the info guys. I'm very excited as my first diapers just arrived. They look so big and thick! Just about to decide which to take out of the packet and wear first, an abena or molicare. Haven't been this excited in a while!

    ---------- Post added at 06:05 PM ---------- Previous post was at 10:54 AM ----------

    Just done the whole diaper thing: tried an abena and wet and messed and wore for about 6 hrs. It didn't feel as nice as I hoped when I put it on - it was a medium and should have fit me well. I also didn't get much enjoyment from wetting really and mess just got...messy! Pretty disappointed all up and unsure I'm going to want the other 27 diapers have.

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    Hey, sorry to hear about your disappointment. But, that's totally ok, you don't have to love it! I guess there are a few ways you might go with it now...

    One thing you might do, is decide never to try this again and get rid of your nappies. It's entirely up to you ofcourse, but I strongly advise you to keep them for a while, as some people end up re-buying their 'stash' after curiosity refuels itself and they find themselves wanting to wear again.

    Second, although I'm not knocking you for trying, you might just be one of the many people who are totally put off by messing (or the clean up it necessitates). You might even prefer not to wet the nappies either, and just undo one the tapes on one side and use the toilet.

    It's also possible that you need some practice putting on the nappies comfortably, as it's almost a skill in itself. As r0bino said, in his excellent post, standing against a wall to put a nappy on works pretty well.

    Whether you choose to try again or decide it's not what you want to do, that's fine. And I don't believe there are any qualifying criteria to belong on ADISC, so you're welcome here regardless.

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    This, kids, is why you don't spring for the top-shelf material right off the bat - it's best to get used to the awkwardness with nappies that are less expensive and therefore are somewhat expendable!

    It's been a while, but I remember Abena being the high capacity - Molicare is probably listed as higher capacity because it has a better wicking properties. (That is, given the time to absorb the urine, Molicare's padding will let the pee soak through more of the diaper - it will actually absorb up the back and make use of that area.) I don't know what site you got these orders from, but I would get mine through - while I don't know how fluid ounces compare to ml or other measurements, the site has its own gamut of tests: Adult Diaper Review and Testing

    Here's a tip that will hopefully make the next diaper feel better: Tape up the bottom on each side first, then the top. This has generally been the best way to put on a diaper, in my experience. (Which, by now, is going on five or so years. :P)

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