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Thread: Its good to be new

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    Default Its good to be new

    after being told to post this here after where i originally put it lets begin again!

    hi im thrash, ive been into the furry scene now for around 2 years and ive gotten to know the ins and outs of it pretty well

    similar to that with diapers been interested in them for around 4 years but only started wearing for around 2

    but we'll begin like this

    im a diaper lover, not an adult baby, not a teen baby just not that interesting in regression i have thought about it though, even my fursona is'nt a child my fur is the same age as me and wears diapers as i do so im not even a babyfur =)

    anyway ive been into music my whole life and learningto play the guitar has helped me along the way i love heavy metal all genre's all kinds there's just somthing about being able to stand in a group of people headbanging and fighting w/out rules that seems fun to me!

    rugby, i love rugby with a passion and used to play till an unfortunate accident with my knees thats stops me playing alot now but i soldier on and play with my friends.

    anything else you wanna know feel free to post back!

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    Yay, more oldfur/diaperfur! (I mean oldfur= non babyfur)

    Hmmm another metal head... I wonder why it is so common...

    Do thrashwolves eat their dead?

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    hi welcome to ADISC! I was just wondering you said that you dont like *B stuff but you checked it off on your profile please explain

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    Welcome to ADISC! Sorry to hear about your knees but at least you stick it for the game. Hip-hop?

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