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    YAY for psychological problems I have NO idea where they came from!

    So, on a more-or-less lunar cycle (give or take a week or so due to the fact that it doesn't seem to be rooted in anything physical) I go from ツンツン (RAWR WHY MUST YOU BE SO STUPID) to デレデレ (I WUNT UR BABIES) and back again in my attitude towards one of my friends... and I have no idea how this has come about.

    A little background: He describes himself as a master of "Xanatos Speed Chess" and often succeeds... but I see it as more of an "I Meant To Do That"... and it pisses me off how often he's right...

    Uhm, so the obligatory question in this thread is: How do I deal with this? Get Over It? Roll With It? Distance Myself From Him?

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    Some people believe it's better to be lucky than skilled any day. Others say you make your own luck. Most people of the "Speed Chess" variety would NEVER tip their hand enough to tell you that they are that good. Narcissism is not an asset in that game. I have an Uncle who, somehow, can turn almost any negative (like a partner stealing from him) into a positive ( evildoer crashes his car, his wife leaves him, and he has to declare bankruptcy and Uncle buys company back for $6). I just have to accept that either A: he's really good at manipulations and able to operate on a level that I can't even see, or B: luck falls in his favor a disproportionate amount of the time. I don't and can't know.

    If you are aware that he operates in this manner, then you are one up on him really. You can decide if you want to be involved in any of his games, and if so, on what level you would like to mess with him. *muahahahaha*
    Otherwise, just be friends, unless he really gives you a reason otherwise.

    As said of Capt. Jack Sparrow, "Do you think he's really that good, or just making it up as he goes along?"

    Short version. Accept him and his "Game" for what it is and be his friend.

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