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Thread: The way I forum!

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    Default The way I forum!

    I treat forums as a conversation, when someone says something, I respond, usually with something not especially important going up to epic.

    Sometimes I refrain from responding, but not always.

    Thats how I forum, how do you forum?

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    Well your way could be considered spammish...But I usually just respond if I feel the need to

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    True that is half of what I was saying, but I usually have something to say, so I say it.

    I say posts shouldn't matter, its whats in them and its reputation.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pojodiaper View Post
    Well your way could be considered spammish... that if you're from the country Spam?

    I don't really treat it like a conversation because sometimes it can take a while between responses and there's usually way more than just a couple of people participating. Plus I agree, it's considered a little...well...

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    i think it's cool to post a whole lot. that way everybody knows who you are and you make lots of friends. as long as your post isn't totally pointless there's no real reason to hold back. i sort of wish i had the time and motivation to reply to every thread so that everyone here would recognize me.

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    Aw, everyone knows you avery. When you think about it, there are a lot of users on the fourm, but only some post enough to be known.

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    I do not care who knows me, I care only about the message I send out. Of course I am here to make friends, but I do not need a thousand friends, I can do with only a few. I refrain from posting a lot, not because I consider my posts to be spam, but because I do not feel I have something to contribute that would hold much value. I am not saying that what I do should reflect what you guys should do, far from it, I am just saying that I am a well kept type of person who, when it does not seem fit, doesn't like to just spew whatever comes to mind.

    Given that, I do not believe it to be 'cool' to post a whole lot since I am not seeking notification. And I most certain do not wish that I had time to spend replying to every single post because I find that this is only a small aspect of my life and I would not like it to seep into my own reality.


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    I post to whatever actually makes me think of anything to say! Some threads I feel have nothing to do with me or my lifestyle that is because every one of us is a bit different. I like to write only when something makes me think of an intelligent response or even a funny one if the occasion calls for it. I like to be known around the posts too avery so I know how you feel and agree with your statements exactly.

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    I post to something that I have something to say about. I really don't like just posting to say "Me too" although, I have done that a few times. There have also been times where I have something to say, but I'm too lazy to post. xD

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