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Thread: Does anyone use a Mac Based System to record/sequence music?

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    Default Does anyone use a Mac Based System to record/sequence music?

    Does anyone use a Mac Based System to record/sequence music? What software/hardware do you use?

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    I believe my cousin uses Pro Tools with a small mix board attached to his G4 through a couple of high dollar cards. I can find out the names if they are important.

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    GarageBand is good for simpler stuff and suits my needs well right now when combined with Reason. I've got a less legal copy of Logic Pro lying around somehwere from when I was doing some more complex things. It's a pretty powerful tool and it clicks better with me than Cubase.

    You can check out a trial version of Reason here by the way. It's a lot of fun just to play with and it has a lot potential you might not see at first. Especially if you load it up with some add-ons.

    As for hardware I use my MacBook, a small USB MIDI-keyboard and a Line 6 Toneport (UX2) for recording guitars, bass and vocals.

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    At school we have a few programs. I'm just learning how to use them, but we do Xpand and Reason and use a MIDI keyboard and such. I don't know much about the technical aspect of all that stuff, but Reason seems like a pretty sweet program. Garage band is kinda basic I think, but it works.

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    Yes I do!!!

    My hardware consists of:
    Power Macintosh 7300
    MOTU MIDI Timepiece
    MOTU 828 FireWire audio interface
    MIDI Controller

    Mac OS 9
    Digital Performer.

    If you're using any kind of Mac, you owe it to yourself to try Digital Performer - since it is, of course, only available on the Mac platform. Best DAW, IMO.

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