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    Hey, y'all.

    I joined to be a little more open about my DL interest, so here I am. Like lots of you, I do not revolve everything around diaper interests - I do play a host of musical instruments - but not f'n instruments like some on this site. And like the name says, I DO ride the bike. Any readers here ever do the Santa Rosa Bike Club's Terrible Two? I did for the first time last year - and no, I was not wearing. At least during the ride.


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    Welcome to ADISC! Unfortunately I cannot relate since I don't know how to ride a bike. What instruments?

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    ah cycling not motorcycling... according to google.

    and yay @ the host of instruments... what styles do you like? We have a wide range here, lots of metalheads, and dance/techno/electronica... few country music aficionados for some odd reason... The last country songs I saw posted here were both about potatoes and were posted by me. (you could search "potatoes" if you are interested in discovering Stompin Tom Connors, in all his splendor.)

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    Wooden pipes and flutes, mostly. Think Peru and Ecuador. 'Fraid I'm more of a woodhead than a metalhead. And I do Celtic jam sessions - pennywhistle, bhodran. Which actually might ID me if any of you live in my area. And I do classical - some piano.

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    I'm a classically trained pianist, though you would freak out if you hear some of the stuff that I play. (I am one of said metalheads, 'nuff said.) Love biking though. What kind of bike do you have? Canondale M-200 here, though I'm at home from college right now and the bike's up in Rochester. Instead I get to play with my dad's new-used 2006 Honda Civic 5-speed.

    Welcome aboard ADISC! Post around, you'll fit in here.


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    Welcome to the site. Biking is fun! I made my own mountain bike when I was living in Alberta.. was quite sturdy.

    Welcome to the site.

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    My bike: a (now) old Kestrel ems 200, 12 years old, now with a record/chorus 11 speed grupo. Makes those Santa Rosa hills harder.

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    Hey, bikingman! Welcome to ADISC
    Man, biking is tough. I can barely ride my bike to the bus station, let alone the Santa Rosa hills. I live a little farther north from your location, but I've been around the Spokane area plenty of times. A LOT less rainy than Seattle

    I hope you enjoy your stay!

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