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    Yesterday was a home game for one of our college teams. FSU (you might have heard of them (they suck *cough*)) It was also that last day of Saturday morning Physics lectures, to which i regularly attend on the FSU Campus. It happened when i was leaving the parking deck; in the cramped quarters and plethora of traffic coming in, i bumped up against the car parked next to me as i was backing out. I looked out the window and couldn't see any damage, and being a 16 year old newbie driver I left; no harm no foul....right? Wrong. This morning an FSU officer shows up on my door step, immediately i go "Oh Shit" Apparently somebody saw what happened and reported that i was drunk and scraped up against a car. After telling the officer that i was, indeed, not drunk. I'm written up for Improper backing and leaving the scene of and accident (a fairly hefty violation)

    Recently i've come to be more religious. I don't attend church or anything of that matter, but i do believe and i'm trying to get used to voicing myself to God. Last night, i couldn't get the accident out of my head (did i do damage or not?) and I asked for help. Surprisingly enough, I believe that the officer coming to my door was the help I needed. I can't say that I don't regret having taken an actual look and (not being an idiot) left my information. But, maybe this will be a good learning experience... The song "I'm in the jail house now" keeps playing in my mind though. My parents aren't upset about what happened ("we've all gotten tickets and we've all payed them" they say. They're also happy i didn't try to weasel my way out of it; i was very blatant with the officer.) but they are upset that i didn't tell them...Right now i'm wishing I would have.

    Anyway, for all you young drivers out there; watch how you back up and remember to leave a note.

    - A humbled LT.

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    "we've all gotten tickets and we've all paid them" seems like a familiar sentiment, although an unhealthy one! Do people really assume that they will get a ticket at some point?

    Anyway, sorry you got a ticket I guess.
    Still, this is one of those character building experiences, and it sounds like you've learnt something from it. So good for you! Every mistake is a lesson learnt and all that!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Charlie F View Post
    "we've all gotten tickets and we've all paid them" seems like a familiar sentiment, although an unhealthy one! Do people really assume that they will get a ticket at some point?

    Anyway, sorry you got a ticket I guess.
    Still, this is one of those character building experiences, and it sounds like you've learnt something from it. So good for you! Every mistake is a lesson learnt and all that!
    Thanks Charlie...though i still feel like crap

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    Oh My God I have had so many stuiped tickets and I do mean for doing stuiped things it scares me. why I dont just do like I am suppose to and stay out of trouble is beyond me. dont let it get you down we all have had some sort of accident.
    besides wetting are pants or diaper. he he just laugh it of and go on with life and you will be fine.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Little Tyler View Post
    But, maybe this will be a good learning experience...
    Yes, it will be. If you take anything from this, know that one should always own up to responsibility for their actions.

    If you back into a car, a glance out the window to see if there is damage is not enough. Many people, like myself, take a lot of pride in their vehicles, as they cost a lot of money. Even a small scratch is enough to tick us off, especially after putting out the monetary and sweat equity to keep it looking like new.

    I had a similar experience when I was 17... While backing out of a parking spot, my front bumper hit another car's rear 1/4 panel, putting a very small scratch on the surface of the paint. I left a note under the wiper with my number, and got a call about an hour later. The guy was very thankful that I left a note, and gave me a shot at fixing it myself. Went to his house a couple days later, hit it with a bit of polishing compound, and it was good as new.

    In a stroke of irony, I ended up buying the car I hit (a pristine 1982 RX7) 7 years later, and still have it to this day.

    Anyways, you might believe in God, but I believe in car-ma... What goes around comes around, and if you screw up someone's car (even if you don't think you did) and don't own up to it, it'll come back to bite you in the diaper... Like it did for you this time.

    We all have "oops" moments... Glad you're man enough to learn from this situation.

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    I don't think you have to worry about it too much man. First ticket sucks for sure, but everyone gets a ticket sooner or later. Yeah, it's pretty lame, but you said you learned a lot from the experience, so if you're able to take something positive away from this then that's great. Stuff like this happens, that's life, and you just have to roll with it and make the best out it I guess.

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    The issue comes with not immediately owning up to what you did (damage or no), and I'm surprised at your parents for not going along that line.

    In future, if this happens, you'll want to do a couple of things:
    1. LEAVE A NOTE under the window wiper. Include your name and phone number (or email, etc. just some valid contact information), describe where your cars touched, and say that you didn't see any damage. The last bit explains why you left a note and drove off rather than getting an accident report.
    2. Take a picture of the cars as they sit, a full-frame picture of the other guy's car, a picture of his license plate, and a picture of the point(s) of contact. This will protect you from him getting into an accident the following day and pinning it on you.

    It makes me insane when people damage things and wander away. I've actually left a note in lieu of another driver--who did a hit-and-run on a brand new vehicle--and gave the license plate, my work location, and my contact information along with an offer to provide direct testimony if it should come up. In that instance, the offending driver smashed into the new car's bumper, saw me watching her closely, then seemed to get all upset when I answered her "should I leave a note?" with "YES. Leave a note." She then left a note that said, "I hit your car" (I looked at it after she left) with no contact information. I left a much longer note outlining what happened, etc.

    Got in touch with the owner who was STOKED that someone would care enough to watch their back.

    Point being ... leave a note and do the above. It is good practice.

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    Well, God has given you a coping situation in which you can move on and help others who can do this in the future to do the right thing. I acknowledge that you recognized the situation as a mistake and that you have taken the situation to aid others for the future. This actually happened to my mom when she was leaving work and she scraped the front of a parked car in a shopping parking lot with the side of her car. The dent on our car is still there but we had not heard of it since. She waited for a while until she left due to the driver still not going back to the car. My mom was worried and she returned to the scene to see that the car has left. We have not heard of that car since and that dent is still a reminder. Guilt can cause us to do right, and lets be grateful that no one has been injured. Unlike the time that a kid in a motorcycle got close to being run over by an incoming sedan that stopped in time.

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    A good learning experience, learn from it :p

    Now something else, don't you all think that 16 is a bit young to drive a car?

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    I'll chime in and say this was a "Thank you Jesus, I won't do THAT again" moment. Everybody has them.

    You did the wrong thing, learned from it, and nobody got REALLY hurt. Some people make a mistake and never get the second chance.

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