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    Default Omegle

    Does anyone go here? What do you think of it?

    I found the site today and I tried it and it looked fun. I had one chat with someone out of South Korea until she said bye and left. Then I chatted with the next person and he was dirty. Asked to see my nude photos and I told him he was dirty and disconnected. I started two other chats and they left. I guess one of them didn't want to discuss A league of Their Own and the other didn't like Americans.

    The first one told me to do my thing and it's hard to start a conversation so I said I know and asked if he's seen the movie. He leaves. The next person, we start chatting and it's a 16 year old girl and she asked me where Oregon is at after telling her my location and I said USA, she leaves.

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    I use it sometimes when I'm bored. Sometimes I have had very intresting discussions in there. I like that site and I recommend everybody to try it.
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    I found Oblah first, but there's way more people using Omegle.

    I actually had some legit conversations on there. I talked to some computer programmer in S Korea. And I've also talked to other people around the world.
    But, just like everything else, it's used for sexual stuff a lot more than it's intended purpose. After getting sick of being asked to cyber by random strangers, I pulled the stunt in the thread above.

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    Aww... I got all excited. I thought this thread was going to be about Omagles:

    One of my favorite toys when I was a kid. Oh well, carry on...

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    I found it a few months ago, it can be pretty entertaining. People always say they're from far away though, which I thought was kind of odd, a lot of Asian/South American countries.

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    I love Omegle, especially when I tell people that I'm a 70 year old guy. And then I troll them all.


    EDIT: LOL CHILLHOUSE. U iz cool.

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    Well, I didn't know what was Omegle until I googled it after reading this thread.

    Here is what I found on a french website, they tried it out and here is one of the result:

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    lol @ the "so you work at mcdonalds?" reply xD

    I don't use it, in fact, I don't like meeting 'random new people' on the internet anymore, hence I have no facebook, netlog, twitter, ... too much trolls and perverts on the net.

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    I just tried it for the first time ever, it's kinda weird really. I could however see one good benefit of it. I think it could really help some of the more shy, introverted people get used to talking with some random people. I dunno why I think that, but it seems like it could help. However I don't think I'll use it again really.

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