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Thread: Nuk 5 Hissing Sound

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    Default Nuk 5 Hissing Sound

    My Nuk 5 hisses when I suckle it. Is this common or do I have a defective one?

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    Normal. Mine is making that noise right now

    The sound is just air being expelled from the latex bag when you suck on it. All three Nuk 5's and all I-dunno-how-many Nuk 3's I've had have made that sound to some extent.

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    Mine does it as well...I'm pretty sure it's normal!
    (especially since like Tygon said, the smaller ones do it to!)

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    Maybe you have a small microscopic snake inside it? Mine doesn't hiss.

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    Considering they're not solid and they're not a sealed system, it's not unusual to get some sound when you compress the air out of it. I guess if you maintain or completely avoid pressure on it at all times, it'll keep quiet. Doesn't bother me in the least.

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    yeah this is normal, it only happens when the air is pushed out of the nipple itself though. I only suck on it lightly if I do at all and I never get the hissing sound.

    But you shouldn't be concerned about it at all, perfectly normal.

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    It's normal, if you've sanitized them with a gentle 5 minute boiling they'll gurgle for a few days.

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