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Thread: Thanksgiving Tradition

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    Post Thanksgiving Tradition

    What's your Thanksgiving Day tradition?

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    Usually we have a huge family get-together. Eat turkey, drink wine, and the like. This year, it'll be play Modern Warfare 2 for about 8 hours. Owning with Bling pro and such.

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    On Thanksgiving, my father and I wake up early in the morning and work on Christmas lights until the sun goes down. We are ridiculously competitive when it comes to Christmas lights; we have won competitions 5 years in a row, and we aren't stopping this year.

    In case you are wondering what it looks like, just imagine National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation haha!

    Later on, once our fingers have fallen off from the cold and we're too sore to think, we watch football and eat turkey sandwiches (well... my dad does; I just eat a salad or something lol). We're not really focused on family sadly, but hey, it works out.

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    I get up and drive around till bedtime looking for an open resteraunt to eat at and wake up hungery on black friday.

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    We always get together with the family. This is the year that our daughter, husband and grandson have Thanksgiving with his parents. We will go to our one son's and have dinner with his family. Our other son will be in attendance unless his football team is in the state playoffs/final. They are a powerhouse football team, and every year they are in the playoff. He's one of the coaches, so we hope the best for him.

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    yay asher wait tell after my BDAY do decorate ^_^ last year we had a ((i think it was)) 15 ft table with all the fixings ^_^ we got a large fam and rented out a gym but no\rmaly we just have a big fest

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    I don't spend the holiday with my family because we are scattered around the USA and it would cost money to have everyone together as my sisters are scattered around. My parents live in Philly, and I can't get time off work to travel.

    Before my parents moved, we would all go to my aunt's house for Thanksgiving, but those days are past. Last year, I spent the holiday with a friend and her family. I would do it this year, but they are going to West Virginia. So, this year I am gonna be with another friend and his family.

    I don't have family around me so I do things differently now. We all have to adjust.


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    Usually get together with a large portion of my family, eat until out stomachs explode, then watch football.

    repeat x 3

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    ^^^ YES! That's what I was thinking. My family goes to my grandparents' houses (One on th saturday and one on the monday, or move around the days and stuff... It makes sense :P)

    My favorite part is that I get my own pumpkin pie. My metabolism really isn't fair...

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