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    chopped, cutted and pasted (cos i can't be arsed re-writing it):

    a FLASH! and a BANG! and there i was. hallelujah! ade est natus.
    that was way back in '71 and even as my young mind was grasping the straw in the milkshake of life, i knew i was different. i didn't know it was going to be forever.

    according to my mum, i put her 'off' kids for life.

    i was comparatively late in doing away with nappies in the daytime. i remember being dumped at infant school for an 'acclimatisation day', which i think was in the term period before the hols, wearing a nappy, which would mean that my mum had about 6 weeks to get me 'dry' before i started infant school.
    i was still in nappies at night and i clearly recall one incident when i woke up one morning and i had soiled during the night. my dad poured his cup of tea over my head.

    at some point, my mum must've stopped putting me in nappies at night and most of my memories of bedwetting before i was 6 or 7, involve a plastic sheet on my bed; they were just large plastic bags (cut one side and the bottom and hey presto! a matress cover!) which my dad robbed from work. they were really hard and uncomfortable.
    of course, plastic sheets don't stop the bedclothes getting wet.

    around 6 or 7, my parents consulted some prick in a white coat and it was decided that they should implement the 'chart' system to get me dry and i was to receive 50 pence for every dry night. my parents didn't want to try the alarm or waking system because i sleep very heavily and i'm a total bastard when i've just woken.
    after what could have been a month, i got fed up with not getting any money for being dry at night and my mind began to ponder and search for a solution to this predicament.
    how do i become dry at night? there was no way i was going to make any significant gains in the short term and to be honest, i wasn't particularly bothered about becoming dry at night. the only time that i did have a strong dislike to it was when i wet my pillow once. how do I know how i did it? i was asleep!
    but my mind was a-ticking at the dilemma. maybe it was my dad who passed on some of his criminal genes to me or maybe i should have been a great warrior general in charge of special forces but, the idea came to me: if you can't beat 'em, cheat 'em! er, ok. but how? don't ask about how i decided on the solution because i can't remember. it just came to be that i was now a diaper wearer, diapered beyond the realms of infanthood and embarking on a journey which would eventually lead me to here (just to annoy everybody!).
    and what a journey! up, down, up, down, etc. you know the score. oh yeah, i was pretty lucky because i lived in the local corner shop. it was like a tradition for my older sister and i to sneak into the shop and pinch a bar of chocolate late at night (say, about 20:00. hey! it was late at night for me, at that age!); what difference would it make if then started taking other things? i mean like, stuff i actually had use for and not just for being greedy. ok, it was still 'for being greedy' cos i would be getting money but, you understand the logic, don't you? PLEASE SAY YOU DO! OH, PLEASE!!
    btw, the last time i stole from a shop, i got caught. now i'm a reformed character. 'cept for the diapers and some other stuff i like.
    so, equiped with the parafanalia (god, i hoped i spelt that right), i set about establishing just how to put on a diaper. i do remember having the plastic pants and a towel laid out on my bed and wondering how it all went together. i think it took me about a week or so to figure out the nappy pin thing (nappy-don't forget i'm British). but, the concept worked immediately. my bed was dry in the morning. the towel just got thrown in the laundry basket, unless it was smelly and then i rinsed it out in the sink.
    plastic pants. what size?? well, i started off using M and L. you see, i've always been small for my size, i mean my age. one time, the only size plastic pants in the shop were XXL and that just got me onto having an even thicker diaper. i couldn't use any of the big towels because my mum would miss them and the hand towels i normally used just didn't fill the XXL pants at all. i wanted them puffy. so, i bulked up with one of my jumpers. it was a red hooded jumper made from a terry towelling material (remember those?).
    it felt really good and i just had to see what it looked like in the wardrobe mirror. the wardrobe being directly opposite the bedroom door which was open at the time. so, there i was stood in front of the mirror delighting in my diapered appearance. and there, too, was my sister's face. in the mirror. with a big grin on her face. she was poking her head round the top of the stairs and could therefore see straight into what was our bedroom. yes, we shared a bedroom.
    course, i had to beg her not to tell my parents. but now, i wasn't wearing diapers in total secrecy. previously, my sister had heard me putting on the plastic pants on one night and had asked me it was. i'd said it was the plastic sheet i had on my bed and tried to reproduce the sound by rubbing the sheet in my fingers. it didn't work and she thought that i had some sweets. could've been worse.
    and of course, i was now at the mercy of my sister. i was pretty scared of how she might blackmail me but, in the end, she only made me dress up in stupid stuff now and then. she had this doll which was nearly as big as me and i had to wear it's clothes a couple of times. but, something which i found in one the old cupboards of our bedrooom became a mainstay of her, i mean our, dressing up sessions. you know the old saying, 'they don't make 'em like they used to'? they don't make romper suits like they used to, i know that for a fact.
    nowadays, romper suits are made from the same material, top to bottom, with those snap button things at the crotch for easy changing. but the one i found was pretty old. the top bit was much like a modern one, made from cotton or some synthetic material, but more lacy on the patterns. the top part also had proper buttons at the back for getting into and out off the suit. the bottom part was made from, wait for it...........plastic. PLASTICO! yep, plastic pants in a one piece suit. it was yellow and the patterning of the top part was a sort of beige-ish. the pastic bottom was probably made from vinyl, looking back on it, because it was pretty thick and didn't have the same crinkliness that the cheap plastic pants have. it still made a noise when i moved but, it was deeper and had more body to it.
    it must have been made for a four or five year old because i could still wear a diaper under it. my sister loved to make me wear it and i loved wearing it. once, i even wore it in front my parents. under my pyjamas, though. even without a diaper, the bottoms were puffing out my pyjama bottoms and my mum asked if i wearing something underneath. i said no. if my dad hadn't had been there i may have just told her. later that night, when my sister and i were in bed, she asked if i was wearing it. i replied with the truth and asked if it were that noticable. she said yes. oops.
    from there on, my diapered life became much of a routine until we moved when i was ten (no, i didn't still keep on getting money for being dry at night. i think my sister grassed on me and the chart stuff and any more efforts to get me dry were suspended). not long after we had moved, my mum took me to see the urology doc and she prescribed exercises to strengthen my bladder. stop, start, stop, start.......damn! i couldn't even wee in peace anymore. it wasn't that bad and it actually worked. i became dry at night. i didn't stop wearing diapers, though.
    why should i? i like 'em.

    well, that's just a bit of my story, but that's basically how i got into diapers.
    i'm male, straight and really old: 33 years old, in just over a week.

    [end paste]
    yep, a few years ago. so, why am here, specifically? don't know and i'm not sure if i'll be sticking around.........we'll see how it goes.

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    The mystery of ade revealed! I've always wondered about you.

    Good to see you've started up here. Still active on TBN, I assume?

    Welcome to ADISC.

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    Very interesting story, I am assuming your sister was older than you. The part that intrigued me the most was how your sister seemed to be interested in the idea of someone in diapers and dressed babyish.

    Anyways welcome to our community! I hope you enjoy it here and decide to stick around.

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    Nice story. So how did your parents manage to get you dry eventually? With those exercises?
    And do your parents have to pay you these days for getting the bed wet?

    *flips you...

    Either way, welcome (back) to the (new) forum!


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    Quote Originally Posted by Eclipse View Post
    Very interesting story, I am assuming your sister was older than you. The part that intrigued me the most was how your sister seemed to be interested in the idea of someone in diapers and dressed babyish.
    my sister is still older than me
    i think most girls like to baby anyone younger/smaller than them......and this was about the time when all the new type toys were coming out and my sister wanted one of those 3 ft tall dolls about that time and i was a substitute for a bit. strangely, it's one of the rare times that we ever got along (normally we fight and fight). anyways, i had the 'being treated like a doll' a few times since. it usually pisses me off.

    Quote Originally Posted by Peachy View Post
    cheeky bugger! it's gone up since then.....5 will do the trick
    actually, it was a lot of money in them days; 50 pence was my weekly pocket money.

    Quote Originally Posted by Lukie View Post
    Still active on TBN, I assume?
    nah....for various reasons.

    ta, for t' welcomes and all t'

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    Quote Originally Posted by ade View Post
    cheeky bugger! it's gone up since then.....5 will do the trick
    Bah...inflation! Ruins everything!

    Anyway, here you go:

    I reckon that's what 5 pound notes must have looked like back in the day.


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