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Thread: How do you pronounce my username?

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    Default How do you pronounce my username?

    By that I mean... how do you personally say it in your head when you read it? Since it's not really a word... I'm just interested.

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    E.g. this is how I pronounce tomato:

    Tom-are-toe. Not Tom-ay-to.

    I dunno... think of something XD

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    My first thought was AR-li-kra, then I considered ar-LEE-kra, but I decided the cultural shape of the name didn't fit the second one.

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    Ar(gon) - Leak - Rah/Ruh

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    Quote Originally Posted by DLGrif View Post
    This ^^ Well, probably this, anyway. I would've gone for "are-lick-ra" (with a short "ra", not a long "ra" like the Egyptian god/Goa'uld system lord), but that sounds about the same as DLGrif's suggestion

    'tis an awesome name, though!

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    But like many words that are difficult to say, I don't really pronounce your name when I read it. It's more like picture; I just understand what it is but don't 'say' anything to myself when I see it.

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