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Thread: Adult Baby thoughts...

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    Default Adult Baby thoughts...

    This is a thought that has been on my mind lately, and I decided it was time to write it out.

    After our recent encounters with AByHeaven and such, I have been thinking about this. I have been thinking about how some people put such a priority on their AB lives and not their real lives.

    AByHeaven made me sad. He seemed such a loser, someone not happy with what he had and did not realize how lucky he was to have a family. I mean, I am alone. All it is is me and some stuffed killer whales. No girlfriend. No one to share my life with. You know that I would give ANYTHING to have a family to celebrate the holidays with.

    After our encounter with him, he made me think about how so many think the lifestyle is where it is not when there is a whole world to explore. I have a life outside of the AB world, who here doesn't? AByHeaven made me think about what was wrong with things in our lifestyle.

    I mean, who here really thinks that we have a shot of being a baby all the time and give up all our cares and our worries? Sorry to burst bubbles, but it's not gonna happen. Not by a long-shot, but some people like AByHeaven seem to think that is a priority. To me, it is an after-thought. All I want is a relationship with a girl, someone I can share my life with and MAYBE my AB side or her AB side with.

    The man has it all, wife and kids yet he thought his AB life was more important. You know what I would give to have a family? I would give my soul. I hate being alone on the holidays and feeling like a fucking reject because girls don't give guys with Asperger's a chance.

    AByHeaven made me think about what was wrong with certain parts of our lifestyle. I am not writing this because I am depressed or anything but because this has been on my mind. Why would someone put diapers over a good life? WHY? To me, he has it ALL while I live life alone. WHY sacrifice that for diapers, for God's sake?

    That is the question at the moment. Who would prefer a diaper life than a normal life where we can live a life and maybe live also a diaper and AB lifestyle as well?

    Go ahead and flame me, but this has been on my mind since our encounters with AByHeaven. And no, I am not depressed, I have just been thinking about this a lot


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    i totally agree with you dude, like there is more to life to wetting yourself.
    Dude i know how ya feel, i could give you some advice like keep hanging in there but i know i wouldnt want to hear that so im gona say, Chicks can be crazzy as ass

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    I agree with you WildThing. We see this all the time on this site. I've also noticed a trend that many of our younger members are shy and have a hard time meeting others and establishing relationships. It's just part of their personality.

    Like everyone else, I had to juggle the desires of diapers, feeling extremely guilty about it when I was a teenager, trying to live a normal life, dating and all that goes along with being young, finding my place in the world. When I got married, I suppressed those feelings for several years, but it was always there, always wanting to be expressed. When we moved with our young family from Ohio to Lynchburg, I had Fridays off, which I used to clean the house and have what I called by "baby time". I hid it from my family for years, and I still felt guilty.

    Now, my wife has known for at least a year and a half, and I don't feel the guilt. I can wear to bed, and she knows how I feel. It's a tremendous feeling of liberation, and I don't feel guilty anymore. This site has helped me through a lot of that as well. The key is always balance, and people like Abyheaven is going to have to discover that, and try to keep his desires in some rational working relationship. Nothing can compare with the relationships we have with others. That has always got to be a lot more important than a cold wet diaper. It's just so much more rewarding.

    This Thanksgiving and Christmas my whole family will come together, which includes the grand children. It's always exciting for me. My one son is also my best friend in the world. We'll go out to Best Buys and look around, maybe stop somewhere for a soda or a beer. We have this deep relationship. My daughter is a writer and teaches for Virginia Tech. We have so much in common. Our adopted son and his family are so full of life, watching them come and go through all their family activities. This is what life is about, the great circle. I wish this for you WildThing. You're a good guy.

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    I too felt that AByHeaven had his priorities muddled up, and I told him so (as kindly as possible) in one of the threads he made. As he hasn't been back around here much recently, we don't know how he responded to our feedback, so we can only hope he benefitted from hearing some level-headed ABDL advice. I very much agree with you, WildThing121675, but from here on I mightsometimes refer more generally to 'people with misplaced priorities' or similar, to make it less personal to AByHeaven and more hypothetical, although I do acknowledge that he highlighted something very significant.

    I think most of us would desire a loving family above any AB desires. I think that it is both natural and right to feel sad when we hear someone put family second to ABism. Feeling sad shows we value family higher and want people such as AbyHeaven to be happy. There is a risk that we could be bitter against people who have what we would love to have, yet we feel they appreciate it less than we would. It would be an easy trap to fall into. But we know that AByHeaven deserves his family as much as anyone and we must respect the work he does to look after them. That said, we can learn from him.

    WildThing121675 is so, so right that a true baby experience is unobtainable as a normal adult, and there are so many greater things in adult life that we would miss if we only stayed as babies. We might long for the worry-free simple life of infancy, but trying to have both just doesn't work. That's not to say that we should ignore AB desires, but that maybe they should have their place as part of our lives, rather than being our lives.

    With AByHeaven, the tension seemed to be between ABism and family. That is naturally going to create more acute feelings and thoughts in people for whom relationships and family are precious but more difficult to obtain. I'm really sorry that some girls are not understanding of Asperger's. It's likely that the ones who are more understanding of it are the less socially outgoing ones, such as myself, who are harder to get to know. Personally I think AS is cool, and my fiance is geeky and anything but socially adept. I've had some AS assessment, but never any conclusive answer or diagnosis. I know though, that a 'normal' guy would never understand my obsessions, fears, habits and routines and I thank God for my less 'normal' guy! I never went out on dates, we just met in a park and in houses and played lego and computer games!

    So, yes I would give up diapers for the sake of family if it was necessary. Relationships and family are not the only life goal to go after, but it is a worthy and important one.

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    I'll agree, some people just don't have their priorities in order. I come on ADISC quite often, usually daily, because I enjoy most of the conversation on here. But on a whole, this part of me is a pretty small piece of my whole life. There is so much more out there besides AB/DL, and some people just don't realize it.

    Like others have said, it's all about finding the right balance. My "little" side is something I indulge in every once in a while. While here at school it's usually once a week, or once every two weeks. When I'm back home it's more like once a month, or once every few months. In the future when I have a wife and kids, I think it's pretty obvious that they would be my first priority. In a perfect world, my Daddy/AB side would be something we do for fun from time to time.

    As far as relationships go, I think people get too caught up trying to find the "perfect" AB/DL match. I know this...because I used to do the same thing. People need to get off the computer and explore the real world. Find people with similar interests, hobbies, people that you are attracted to. The 'diaper' thing should be the last of the priorities on people's lists. Speaking from personal experience, the "little" thing should later. You need to establish a bond first with a real person, and worry about the AB thing afterward.

    In AbyHeaven's defense, perhaps he didn't know how to find a balance between his 'two lives'. I've heard people say they would give all this stuff up to have a real relationship. Obviously I can only speak for myself, but I'm not sure If I would really want to. I find the AB/Daddy thing to be a part of me, something that I enjoy, and I can see myself doing it for as long it seems right. If I ever grow out of it as some point, so be it. Would my significant other NEED to participate from time to time??...I don't know, I haven't answered that for myself yet. Would my significant other NEED to accept it as part of me...YES, DEFINITELY.

    Ok, I'm done ranting or whatever. I think I kind of got a little off track, my apologies in advance.

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    The Fact is anything that you put too much importance on or too much priority on can lead to bad things period. Its not a malady of our AB sides, its a Malady of the person themselves unfortunately

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kitsuno View Post
    The Fact is anything that you put too much importance on or too much priority on can lead to bad things period. Its not a malady of our AB sides, its a Malady of the person themselves unfortunately

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    I am one who chooses by the way to try to live a normal life and work very hard for what he has. I am still AB, but I don't want to be one of those ABs who think that diapers are all that and the only thing that matters in life.

    I enjoy numerous things. Football, baseball, sci-fi, writing, drawing, and I would rather let AB be a secondary thing. And I would give up the diapers if I had to if I had a relationship or let it fall by the way-side. I gave up the diapers for a long while and that was because I didn't feel like I wanted to be AB as I felt my life grow.

    And now, I am at a point where I am ok with my AB life, as well as my adult life. That was why I felt sad for AByHeaven because he didn't seem to realize that there is a balance.

    Thanks for letting me post my thoughts here. That's what I like about ADISC, the way we can speak our mind....


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    AByHeaven always gave me a weird vibe. It didn't really seem realistic. If I remember correctly, he said in a thread that he would wear around his kids and that there were no problems. OK, I could see his wife being ok with the diapers, but what kind of MOTHER would let her kids see their father parading around in a diaper? there was also the way he made like 50 threads in his first ten minutes. I thought he was just trolling.

    If I COULD I would give up all my TB-ish-ness to have a great family (When I'm older, at least), but I can't just "give it up" so whoever I plan on sharing my life with would need to accept me for me and not just the parts of me she likes. Like, she doesn't have to like it, just accept it.

    Anyway, don't get too down based on AByHeaven.

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    Oh, I am not down... Was just thinking about how some people prefer the fetish to their real lives. It is guys like him and the infamous Heidi-Lynn that made me think that people just can't grasp on reality that well.

    I was just wondering, why do people prefer a fantasy world to the real world?


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