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Thread: Any MA ab's or dl's

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    Default Any MA ab's or dl's

    hi i'm from mass and looking 2 meet people

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    This is NOT a hook-up site.

    Don't post stuff like this. Ever.

    Every time you do that, we take more of your fingers, now stick out your hand.

    Just kidding. You get baleeted!
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    exxz says:



    Edit: He also says "I quit"

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    This is a support community, not a dating site. Sorry...

    You can still hang out here for the support and information part, but we just don't do hook-ups sooo... yeah.

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    Yeah, this is not really a 'hook up' site. There are probably better ways to go about asking that question.

    Also, try searching next time for a similar thread before you make a new one.

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    I guess I'll just go ahead and answer the original question. Yes, there are people here from Massachusetts, alas I am not one of them. However, as other's have said this is not a hook-up site, it is a support site. On that note my advice that you take some time, look around here, if this looks like a community that you'd like to become part of, then start posting in the forums, join in the chat room if you like that and you'll certainly get to know people.

    People here are pretty nice, we don't bite... well not hard. Getting to know people is a two way street. If you want to know more about people here, then please share more information about yourself, expand upon your introductory thread, get involved in some of the non-*B/DL parts of this site, like the off-topic stuff, perhaps the stories part if that's your thing. Over time, you can get to know a lot of people here, but it takes time and a willingness to really become part of the community. It's true, people here generally don't care to see people simply posting looking for meet's/hookups, and if that's all you'd care to do, there's other forums. If you're looking for a community to become part of and not random hookups, well then welcome to Adisc.

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    Jeez... You guys are like a loaded gun.

    BabyBoi, Yes, there are a slew of people on this site from MA, and there is also a very active local group that gets together often (people from ADISC as well as elsewhere). That said, while I understand the yearning to meet likeminded others, please use some tact.

    You've written about 10 words total on this site including your introduction, and we know nothing about you, aside for the fact that you like diapers. If I'm going to meet someone from online (and I do often... It's great meeting new friends), I'd love to know... Something... About them. Heck, if all you like to do is crochet socks in the dark while listening to Annie Lennox, I'd know to pass. On the other hand, if you share some interests with me, I'd meet up in a second.

    If you really are interested in meeting up with people in real life, make an effort to make some friends online first. As others have stated, this is NOT a hook-up/dating site, but friends do meet on occasion. I'm a little different to the effect that if someone local PM'd me and said "Hey, I see you're local, wanna grab a beer (coffee) tomorrow at John Harvards (Dunks)?" or something, I'd be there without a second thought, but most on this site are only looking for online conversation, and if they do meet IRL, it's only with established members they think they can trust... Not someone with a two word introduction.

    Friendship comes with effort... Start by telling us about yourself.

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    Any MA ab's or dl's
    - I majored in philosophy, but alas do not have a Master's degree of Arts.

    Oh - wait, that's not what you meant...

    I suggest paying close attention to NEjay's post above. He is much more experienced at live meetings than most, and certainly me. Meet-ups can and do happen; and go well, if properly prepared for and planned.

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    Racoon, LOL, when I read this, I immediately thought "Martial Arts" and I was going to say "Yeah, but I'm not padded in the dojo, that would just be weird." alas, not only is it not about martial arts, but we live on different oceans too. Oh well

    Either way, welcome to the site.

    oh yeah, and what everyone else said.

    -- Thad

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