Thread after thread, year after year, I'm sure a lot of us are thinking... "Wow, it sure didn't take long to learn about nearly every diaper brand." Well dammit anyway, WE NEED CHOICES! RAWR! I want to cover some new ground and have a thread that helps some people out with some "new" diaper brands that are currently undergoing experimentation by any users of this forum.

I hope people don't start posting things like:
"I like abena xplus!"
"Goodnites fit me!"
"I'm so cute! I fit into pampers!"

Quite frankly, these type of comments are not helpful to most thread's entireties.

If someone knows of some unique brands or ran across something you think this community would like, I'd like to hear about it and I think others would too. I would guess this is what the experienced members at ADISC enjoy to read anyway. Try to stay on topic if you can, and provide a link if you have one. Thanks!