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Thread: She's baaaa-aaack...

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    Talking She's baaaa-aaack...

    That's right! I'm back! And glad to be.
    I see there's many new faces around here, which isn't surprising, but I hope to meet some of you!
    If you were back on ADISC about...maybe last June? You may remember me saying, "I'm going to leave, and never come back!" and I deleted my account. I had left because there was some drama going on about how "ADISC sucks with all these new people/potential trolls!"
    Well, a lot of things have changed for me, and I realized that even after I deleted my account, this was always my home.
    I've matured quite a bit in these past few months...I've really learned a lot about how to 1) Make a proper argument. That means, stating my opinion with proof/information to back it up. 2) State my opinion only where it's welcome. Not everyone wants to agree with me, and that's okay. Everyone has their rights. 3) No more bullshit. There was a lot of drama I caused a while back with Ell (my ex) babying me...which I'm not going to discuss. No need to tear open old wounds.
    I'm still the same 'ol diaper-loving me! I went most of the summer without babying at all...and I really missed that. Once I started up again, it was bliss. It always makes me happy to be myself. I'm currently trying to get and stay sober, because I will tell you that I did develop a drug problem, but if you want to know more (if you truly care), feel free to PM me.

    Anywho, I don't want to ramble on more than I already have. I just wanted everyone to know that I was back, and that I missed you all! I love you, ADISC, and that will never change. <3

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    Hey there welcome back.

    Remember me? No? Oh yeah, I've only been here since August .
    Well, I wasn't on board when you were last here, but you seem like a cool person who's been missing from this group. Always glad to see people who return to their roots, to who they really are as a person, quirky and unusual as it may be.

    Good luck on the staying sober bit. I'm not a drinker or an addict but I come from a family with a rich history of addicts, so I know how tough that can be from witnessing their recoveries.

    Anyhow, nice to have you back on board.... whoever you are :P

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    Cool to see you back!

    I dunno if you had read all the posts to your 'Peace' "I'm leaving thread" but I'd commented about the young child you'd befriended at camp.


    Quote Originally Posted by Babibear
    Aww crap, I was waiting to hear how the summer camp went later this year :/


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    WB - and best of luck with the sobriety; I understand having demons, though my demons are different demons.

    I disagree with this though:

    2) State my opinion only where it's welcome.
    I and many others state unpopular opinions: and I am happy to be disagreed with; the trick is not letting argument collapse into mere flaming. Your opinions may or may not agree with mine but I am happy to hear them.

    It's good to see valued members return. To my knowledge nowhere else is remotely like ADISC, in English or any other language.

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    I REMEMBER YOU! *glomp* :3

    ...Though you prolly don't remember me cause I never really posted much back then. D:
    So so um, welcome back. n.n

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    Jesus Christ, Mitsu, took you long enough! *snuggles*

    I misssssseeeeeeeeedddddddddd youuuuu!!!!!!!

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    I don't know ya, but I want to.

    So welcome back to the forum, darlin!

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