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Thread: Hi Everyone!

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    Talking Hi Everyone!

    Hey, this is Dewey. I'm new and can't wait to get to know you guys. I'm a diaper lover from CA, and am working on trying out new, awesome diapers. See you guys around.

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    hmmm old diapers aren't usually as awesome as new ones...
    You know Dewey on Malcolm in the Middle was involved in a number of scenes involving adult diapers?

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    Welcome to ADISC! I see you're in California? The hotter part or the colder part, if I may ask? If the hotter part, how do you deal with wearing diapers in such heat? [/conversation]

    Um... Hi.

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    Guess you could say central CA. It's pretty cold here now

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    Welcome Dewey!

    What else do you enjoy doing, apart from using the same old boring diapers? XD

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    what up w/the old diapers? lol. i enjoy music and technology. Also, I only knew of one scene, Raccoon. What were the others?

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