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    Default Greetings

    Hello folks,

    Just want to say hey. I'm a dl and interested in contributing to and learning from this community. I look forward to your posts and getting to know folks better.


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    Hey whats up. Welcome to the community. Im an IC so we are all in a good place here. Any hobbies, interest that sort of thing?

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    Jameson: Please don't be put off by the above rant. There are no set rules for your introduction, just some good advice. Feel free to share with us anything you are comfortable sharing and nothing more =)

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    @Arlikra: You were in a better mind than me last night... clearly. (I was tired, but otherwise sober)

    If my post hadn't been deleted I probably would have deleted it myself. I shouldn't try to form coherent posts at... well early in the morning, not sure exactly when and don't want to do math. Sorry about all that.

    So what are YOUR interests/hobbies/other things? We'd really like to get to know you and I REALLY hope I didn't scare you away with my midnight ramblings... Hope you meet new people and have a great time

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    Hello and welcome from me... I am the wordy raccoon; now you know me better...
    But to know YOU better... anything you like to talk about? Like how come Obamacare - which would force insurers NOT to discriminate against those with pre-existing conditions is so unpopular... And has nobody advertising FOR it, yet oodles advertising against it?

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    Hi, Jameson. Glad you decided to join in. Welcome. Have fun.

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