I went to CVS pharmacy today to load my card today and they said I had to go to the GreenDot website to get my card activated and then it will get sent in the mail. After I talked to him about if I can get my card at the store and then activate it at home. I went out of the store (by then it was already dark) and went to Walgreens across the street to see if they have the plastic backed depends on closeout under $6.00 total w/ tax. They didn't. They have them at regular price and it was $17.99. Even if I had $20 I still wouldn't have bought them because I am planning on activating my card soon and then I would get way better quality diapers then those paper thin Depends. I then bought two Arizona green teas and walked home in only dim yellow light. When walking on the busy street I heard people across the street in the parking lot of the roller rink saying about me buying diapers even though I didn't.
Theres my GreenDot run.