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Thread: How Do You Dry Your Plastic Pants?

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    Default How Do You Dry Your Plastic Pants?

    So lately I have been wearing a lot more plastic pants, because I have been wearing to bed and wetting at night. I normally then need to rinse out my plastic pants the next morning. To dry them, I hang them in the shower, clothes pinned to a shower curtain ring. What happens a lot though, is that the inside won't get dry. What do other folks do to dry your plastic pants?

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    I hang mine from the light fixture under the running ceiling fan in my bedroom. And make damn sure to close the door!

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    I towel mine dry inside & out then loop them over a coathanger to finsh.

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    I hand mine on a plastic hanger in the storage room of our basement. They dry inside and out in two days.

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    I wipe them off with a towel and hang them on the plastic arm of my desk chair. They take about a day to dry if, halfway through the day, I turn them inside-out to speed things up. Or I just turn my desk fan on them to speed things up--then they only take an hour or so. It's the elastics that take long to dry...

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    Quote Originally Posted by cpndl View Post
    What happens a lot though, is that the inside won't get dry. What do other folks do to dry your plastic pants?
    Anytime you wash or rinse plastic pants you can speed up the drying process by flipping them inside out after a few hours. After they are washed, I hang mine on a clothes line in the garage. You can also throw them in the dryer on low heat and they'll be done sooner.

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    i hang mine on the shower curtain rail over my bathtub. Like Spaz said turn them inside out after a while to get it dry on both sides.

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    I rinse my vinyl plastic panties thoroughly in the shower and shake out as much water as I can before hanging them on a doorknob. When I get home from work I turn them inside out and put them back on the doorknob. They are dry by morning when it's time to do it again with a different pair.

    The nylon covered panties from Fetware (a nylon layer over a vinyl lining) take longer to dry. They are sure nice to wear because the nylon slides and glides on furniture and bedsheets while vinyl kind of sticks.


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    I rinse mine out in the shower each time I change, and then I'll hang them from one of the towel racks on a large plastic hanger through one of the leg openings, so that the waist opening is aimed down mostly. That way the water will drip out and they dry faster. I also keep 5 to 6 pairs on hand so when I change I can put on a clean pair each time.

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    Thanks for all of the suggestions. I think the hanger inside to open them up, is the part I was missing. Will give that a try in the morning.

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