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    Hey all!

    New to the site, but I have been a part of the community for several years now. An ex officially introduced me to the community in my late teens and I haven't looked back!

    As for my every-day life, I'm a pretty laid back college grad still attempting to find that elusive creature called a career. I'm a big movie/tv buff (college major) and I really dig the outdoors.

    I'm excited to actually have decent and normal conversations with other like-minded individuals for once!


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    Lemme be the first to igreet you, fellow Baltimorean!

    This is a great community, so I hope you find plenty of reason to stay. Jump right on in, get to know everybody, and make this your home!

    Welcome to ADISC.

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    Well, let me be the second to igreet you, dude from a place I've never been to but am aware of because they blow it up in "The Sum of All Fears" starring Ben Affleck and Morgan Freeman. Did you know that the character of Jack Ryan has been played by Alec Baldwin, Harrison Ford and Ben Affleck? That's insane.

    Welcome anyways. Hope you enjoy it here and that all your dreams come true, like Disneyland except for we don't have a 7 foot tall singing mouse in suspenders. Sorry if that's any disappointment.

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    Greetings from Giz. I hate to tell you that a decent career post college is quite a challenge to find. But at least you can have good conversations here. If I can ask you a question, are you and ab, dl, or ic? Oh and curse the Ravens for taking away my Broncos undefeated status!
    Anyways have fun here, I am.
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