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Thread: Hiya, it is me Cassie

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    Default Hiya, it is me Cassie

    Hello to all out there, my name is Cassie, and I have been a long time diaper wearer.....10 plus years now since i restarted. I am on all these other websites, so I am sure that i have probably seen or talked to alot of people on here already.

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    Welcome to ADISC Cassie! Or Sleepwalker, whichever you prefer. Are you a sleep typer as well? Cause that would be cool. Whatever. Hope you enjoy it here and such.

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    Nice to see you here.

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    Welcome to the site Cassie

    So do you actually sleepwalk? I know somebody who eats in their sleep. It's amazing how you can just get up and do things without knowing anything...

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    Welcome Cassie! Your names sounds familiar. I too can be found on many of the same sites that you have been to.

    Look forward to your contribution here too.

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