View Poll Results: Is your significant other involved with ADISC?

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  • Yes! He/she's probably surfing it right now on our other computer.

    8 9.88%
  • Yeah, now and then, sometimes just to read what I've written.

    12 14.81%
  • Nope, he/she knows about it but isn't interested in AB/DL/etc forums.

    13 16.05%
  • No, I haven't introduced him/her to ADISC because he/she wouldn't care.

    7 8.64%
  • Well... I'm keeping the ADISC thing on the down low, no big deal.

    6 7.41%
  • Heck, my significant other doesn't even know I'm a TB/AB/DL/IC-type person!

    10 12.35%
  • Not applicable - I'm not in that kind of a relationship.

    25 30.86%
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Thread: Is your significant other involved with ADISC?

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    Post Is your significant other involved with ADISC?

    I've been curious - how much have you brought ADISC into your current relationship?

    I haven't shown my wife ADISC, though she does know I like to wear and wet in diapers sometimes. My desire to wear comes and goes, along with my desire to communicate about it online. I signed onto several AB/DL forums, but right now I only read and chat on ADISC (way to go!) when I want to have a special virtual place to hang out. Though, if by some you do know me in real life and call me "whisko", I will be embarrassed for a while and then buy you a beer :-)

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    Awww, please post more...

    Anyway, I would certainly tell a s.o. about ADISC as it is an important part of my life... and it would help them understand me and the community better... and paint the community in a good light, compared to many places. But then, with people I get intimate with I share all of myself...

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    goddamn... where's the choice for "my boyfriend is a TB but I just havent brought up the site yet, although I think he would love it"

    ah well, nice results

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    Thread moved to Adult Baby, as it wasn't an administration question

    Well I haven't really thought about it. The only relationship I've been in was met through *BDL and to be honest it didn't last that long anyway. I guess I would feel I had to if I thought a relationship was going somewhere. That is of course assuming I would recognise that it was going somewhere, so still plenty of opportunity for it to go wrong

    But at the moment I'd say it's non applicable. Not got the relationship I need to comment on it.

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    Well, my partner knows all about me and he knows that i visit forums but he has no interest in comunicating on any forums. We met on #babyfurs on furnet and then got closer before he moved in. Thats the short version of it anyway.

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    My girl is on another forum, but only reads this site for my comments and stuff... she doesn't even have a login.

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    My recent relationship crashed and burned last weekend. So "Not applicable" at this time.

    With none of my other GFs would they have came here as they never knew. I told one casual friend, she even wore and let me take pics, (NO! I can't share them.), but things never got serious with her and she was a non computer type person.

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    My girlfriend signed up this evening. I don't know if she's going to post anything, she's just been browsing

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    Aw hell yeah. :heart: Most members (especially Peachy ) know about my sometimes-very-awkward relationship with BabySparky.

    Might as well retell the tale of how we came to be.

    Once upon a time, Nei was being gangsta on her computer. Her hoes and bling surrounded her as she browsed ADISC. All of a sudden, she saw a newbie from Florida. Nei, being curious as always, PMed the little guy and said, "Yo dawg, I saw u wuz from Florida. What's your sign and what city you from?"


    And, so, Sparky and Nei met up at a mall with Nei's best friend, Alicia. Alicia didn't get the catch that Nei was meeting 'a ho from the interwebz'. So, it was a very awkward night for Nei and Sparky.

    But then, about 6 days later, Sparky was on MSN with Nei. He said "Would you enjoy a small trip to Denny's this fine lovely rainy afternoon?"


    And then Nei abandoned the rest of her hoes for Sparky, even the British boy with the bleached hair and the Italian Mafia boy.

    Then Nei changed Sparky's poppy dippers on da beach.

    The end.

    (Note: This is exactly how it happened. No lie.)

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