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    Hi, I a a Marine Corps vet, I served four years and was wondering how many other veterans were on here that have to wear ( or even if the only like to ) wear diaeprs/
    Stay dry,

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    Im a US Army combat Vet, and i was diagnosed with MS in 07...and one of my symptoms of ms is incontinence.

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    Another navy, but not IC from active duty. Sorry to the ones that are.

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    I was not in the service when i got diagnosed with MS. Sorry for the confusion.

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    US Marine Corps 6 years and 14 in the US Army and retired. Or should I say semi retired I still work full time. I also wear diapers for bed wetting and fun too.

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    not in the militarty, but I want to say thanks to those who are serving and those who have served.
    Thank you all for your service.

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    Just wanted to say happy birthday to all the Marines here and to thank all the veterans that gave their best years to the US. Thank you.

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    4 years in the Navy here, was a DL before I went in and sucessfully hid my "hobby" the whole time, though this did not include and shipboard diaper time only while in the barracks.

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    I'm not in the military, heck, I'm not even American but I want to also say happy anniversary to the Marines and thanks to all you guys who put your lives on the line for protecting people like me.

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