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    Well i have been thinking about this for sometime now, but i just can't make up my mind. I was thinking of telling my best friend about my diaper fetish. First off, she is a girl and we have been friends for about 14 years now. We tell eachother everything and well i feel dirty keeping this from her. What do you guys think i should do? I am starting to think that it would be a bad idea, but i'm not sure. Can you guys list some Pro's aand Con's about this decision of mabey telling her?

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    Well does she seem like an understanding person? What would you gain from telling her? I told a friend of mine that's a girl...She is fine with it...And she drived me to the store to get some even...But that doesn't mean it will happen for you

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    As long as she is open minded... I don't see a problem confiding in someone you've known for that long... though others may tell you not to.

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    Quote Originally Posted by diaperedteenager View Post
    I think i'll gain more trust in her and she will do like wise.
    Why would confessing that you have a diaper fetish gain you trust? I can see it would be beneficial if you were in a long-term relationship with her but as friends? Do you expect all your friends to tell you about there intimate fetishes? Unless it's harming you in some way & you desperately need someone close to confine in to feel acceptance I don't see the point, but this is just my opinion!

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    Well when I told my one friend, we have become better friends since then

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    My advice:
    Think about this for a month. A whole month.

    If after a month of thought you are very sure that it's a good idea, then maybe go for it? I mean telling someone out of the great urge that some people get (including myself...) is always a bad idea, because it tends to be a short lived irrational thing!
    But if after a month you want to tell her, and you can give yourself some good rational reasons for telling her, then it might be worth doing.
    The settings are good: she's a girl (which helps) and you have a long term friendship.
    I think you should test the water first, find out how she reacts to certain ideas... mention fetishes to her etc...

    Good luck if you do it, whatever if you don't!

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    My advice is similar the Charlie's in that it's a way of making sure you're not being irrational.

    Justify to yourself exactly why you want to tell her. If you can explain your reasoning for telling her in a coherent and logical way, there's probably a rational thought behind it. If not, you just have an irrational desire to get your secret out.

    But you should probably Combine this with Charlie's idea and wait for a month as well. That way, you can be really sure.

    And make sure you know how she feels about fetishes and things just generally different from what's "normal". If she seems to have quite conservative views, you might not what to tell her.

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    so what you're all saying is that i should do some recon on this first. This has pondered me for about 2 mabey 3 weeks now. I have mentioned fetishes once or twice to her, she said that everyone has their own thing and shouldn't be judge on who they are by that, that definatly gave me some re-assurence on the subject. I asked her if she had any and she responded with i, like most humman beings have atleast one and just smiled at me. This confused me ALOT, IDK if that smile means she knows about mine or what.

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