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Thread: An old face returns as a newb.

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    Default An old face returns as a newb.

    Hi Guys,

    Some of you may remember me from way back when but most of you wont.

    For those that dont im gonna start an intro from scratch... Im 23, live in Sydney australia and am happily involved in the local furry community. Started out many many years ago in the tb/dl comunities (way back before this was a forum but merely #tbdl on undernet). It was with the help of some close tb/ab/dl friends that got me right into the furry community. Not long after realising my furry insides i kinda vanished for a while as i was doing alot of soul searching. And now i make a return.

    *goes asploring as a newb*

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    Though I've only been on for less than 2 years, I believe I do remember you. Anyway, welcome back.....(could sing the Welcome Back Carter t.v. song).

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    I thought it was Welcome back Kotter? either that or i just totally missed your point. :S

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    Welcome back! Where ya been hiding so long?

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    OMG Undernet! I useta go on there alot wayyyyy back! *reminisces* Ah, those were the days! Welcome back! ^_^

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    WB from me; I was Localraccoon. YouTube - Welcome Back Kotter Yay the best wb song EVAR - well done Dogboy
    We'll see you on IRC

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    Haha...blush...yeah I guess it is. I actually never watched the show. I thought it was stupid.

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