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Thread: Paci while driving

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    Alright, let me start off by saying that I have a habit of chewing on straws. My friends are always asking why I do it, but it is just something I do while driving a lot. Anyway today I was out with a group of friends because we were going to see Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood of Make-Believe (which by the way was AWESOME!) today before they put the sets back into storage. On the way home we were stopped at a traffic light and my one friend looked over and saw that there was a guy driving his car with a pacifier in his mouth, It was one of the colored Gerber NUKs that you find in stores like Rite Aid or even Wal-Mart. Once he notices it, my friend looks over at me noticing me chewing on my straw and says to me "That guy's kinda like you, you both have odd things in your mouth, but his object is meant to be used like he using his. Maybe you should give up straws and get a pacifier like that guy has instead." Here I am thinking that If he only knew. I think he said that jokingly, but the next time he is in my car with me, I'll bring one of mine along and see what he says about it. I'll just tell him that I was following his advice.

    So what do you think? What would you do if you saw someone in a car driving with a paci in their mouth? And would you drive with a paci in your mouth?

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    Quote Originally Posted by UltimateZero View Post
    What would you do if you saw someone in a car driving with a paci in their mouth?
    Probably pull mine out, wave at them, then get shot.

    Quote Originally Posted by UltimateZero View Post
    And would you drive with a paci in your mouth?
    I do this a lot, usually at night.

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    Heh, to be honest if I seen somebody with a paci in their mouth driving, I'd probably laugh. I wouldn't laugh at them, but at the fact they have a paci in their mouth. It'd just be a funny situation.

    I personally wouldn't drive with a paci, mostly because I either have the music cranked, or the car has too much torque. :P

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    iv done it a few times but mostly while driving on the highway on long trips

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    If I seen some doing it, I would just smile to my self I gusse.

    An I drive with mine in alot. just at red lights I'll take it out so no one else can site an stair at me.

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    Haha...BabySparky. Living in Virginia (a right to carry a gun and use frequently state) I know what you mean. People in the South are so full of hate toward anyone who is different. The funny thing is that paci's often get prescribed as tension relievers, so why not. Just be sure to duck from the flying bullets.

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    funny thing is I have a group of friends who I do use a paci around (long story short I had to get one because i tent to be aloud person) but they said i need one as a joke and i did have one so i brought it next time and they kinda joked about it but they truely didnt care so now i use my paci around them alot, expatial while driving

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    it is so fun to pass somebody on the freeway with a paci in my mouth. i pass slowly to see if their passengers notice, when they do i wave like a child and get ahead of them, then without going in front of them slow down for pass #2

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    Quote Originally Posted by BabySparky View Post
    Probably pull mine out, wave at them, then get shot.
    Shot?? Eip.

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