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Thread: has "autistic" become the new "retarded" phrase?

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    Default has "autistic" become the new "retarded" phrase?

    Yeah I knew it, I just knew it. I have always said it was stupid to make retarded a bad word just because people were using it as a term. Now people are starting to use autism as a term. I bet that fifteen years down the road, autism will become an offensive word and people start calling it something else like they have with mental retardation. I think people will just keep using disability names as terms before they become offensive by society.

    I even wonder when retarded started to be used as a phase, I know it was around when my parents were kids because she told me kids used that word as a term when she was little. But back when I was a kid, that word was still being used for mental retardation and people took less offense to it. Still is in our country I think but in other countries like the UK or Australia, they call it learning disability in the UK, intellectual or cognitive disability in Australia. Now today say retarded as a medical word when you are talking about MR, people take offense to it which is just silly. Even my high school called it something else and what was annoying was they wouldn't even help me remember what it was called but instead they rather get on my back about the word when I be talking about retarded people. I have very low tolerance for stupidity and that's what all these people are for turning that into a bad word and getting on my back about it and getting all offended by it when I am not even using it as an insult.
    C mon I grew up being called retarded and it doesn't even bother me when I hear it. I got over it thanks to seeing lot of kids and teachers being called that in my school and they were all normal. I hear kids saying to each other "That is so retarded" "he is retarded" "she's retarded." That word had become a fad in my school. First it was "gay," then it was "retarded." I was never offended by the term, in fact I used to be confused when I hear it wondering why does someone think that person is retarded. Then I got told it was a figure of speech and after being told that every time, I stopped thinking of mental retardation. I started to think of the term.

    BBC NEWS | UK | Magazine | Has Ďautismí become a term of abuse?

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    People use anything that is viewed as abnormal as a dis. It is pathetic really but i guess it's just how it is.

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    I've never heard anyone use "autistic" in the same way as "retarded" or "gay/fag".

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    I was under the impression Autism was the new ADHD... If you kid misbehaves, he's not a shithead with crappy parents, he's autisic. This may sound cold, but it really reminds me of ADHD back about 15 years ago.

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    Everything else aside, it doesn't even roll off the tongue nicely.

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    Never heard of it. Reminds me of one episode of Family Guy where Peter refers McDonalds' Grimace as Ronald Mcdonald's (autistic uncensored version) retarded friend. This might have been the start of it.

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    That article is retarded hurr durr.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dcviper View Post
    I was under the impression Autism was the new ADHD... If you kid misbehaves, he's not a shithead with crappy parents, he's autisic. This may sound cold, but it really reminds me of ADHD back about 15 years ago.
    I'm a bit ignorant, but I believe the difference is that autism has physical characteristics that determine it, and ADHD is a series of subjective personality tests.

    Though typically BAWtism, or BAWtisitc is the insult. Not the original term.

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    That's just queer. I'm yet to hear, "dude--that's autistic, man!" Consider, though, that "moron" was coined by the APA as a more polite term to mentally deficient--before, I believe the official term was "idiot," but I may be wrong. After "moron," "slow" became acceptable, and then "retarded." And now, "precious little angel" is probably what is in use (or just "learning disabled"--itself a misnomer).

    This is a different thing than autism, but I suspect that kids on the playground probably are taunting each other with "ass-burgers" or "aspie." In hindsight, it's silly, but when you don't have the sense or worldliness to know better--and am socially inept to begin with--it's probably hurtful.

    Kids will ALWAYS make up ways to hurt other kids. Some kids will stand up for themselves. Some kids will befriend others who will stand up for them. Some kids will laugh it off and make it into a running joke. Some kids will never really get the hang of it and live perpetually hurt.
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