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Thread: G'Day from Newcastle NSW Australia

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    Hi from down under. I am 52 years old and hope to contribute to the ADISC mature advice to younger members with problems. It is not easy growing up especially if you have a life long interest in diapers (or nappies down here) while everyone else of your age left that all behind years ago. It takes time and some life experiences to deal with the quilt and shame. This is only one aspect of human nature and who after all is completely normal anyway? I have had an attraction to diapers and girls' clothing all my life, but I see that now as only a part of what I am. Besides, what really matters in the long run is, where are we all going? Where we all end up, is far more important than how well we did in getting there. For me how we treat others matters far more than what we own. johnyABinAUS. PS my interests include science and astronomy and trying to learn French.
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    I have added some of my interests by editing my first posting with a PS hope that's OK.

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    *gasp* another aussie joins the forums. Greetings from Sydney

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    gosh, more babies from around here. Greeting from the northern suburbs (bordering on the west)

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    Hi everyone, sorry about this very long time to reply, I just got caught up in other people's threads and then forgot about my introduction, (not to mension time out with Christmas activites). I finally found it on page 15, or should I start a new thread? Not sure how to best work the system yet.
    So thank you to; tk7432 hope you are well happy share on interests, to Tsendo of the USA thank you for the top choice gift without adding any weight and to my two fellow Australians - silent deadly alchemist - how are things in Botany Bay? And to Paul_Fox thank you for your two messages, I know some people in Ryde, hope all is well.
    Just to finish up on my last Sydney trip; Wednesday two weeks ago 16/12/09 on a day off work, I caught a Ferry from the Quay to Parramatta (which I have never done before) this was after a day in the Power House Museum, really great!
    Hope everyone one had a Very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year for 2010.
    Bye for now from down under.

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