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Thread: Greetings from Emerald City

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    Default Greetings from Emerald City


    I'm a 34 year-old DL from Seattle, very recently married. I've been a DL as far back as I can remember and always appreciate interacting with like-minded folks.

    I recently acquired my first Abenas from a local company and look forward to trying them out.

    Thanks for another forum!

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    Hello, welcome to ADISC, hope you enjoy your time here

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    Hey! Great to know we have more Seattle folk joining . Don't tell any of the outsiders of our evil Seattleish plots! Now that the obligatory weirdness is done , welcome to the site. Could you tell us a bit more about you? We just wanna get to know ya a little, so like hobbies, sports, favorite color, that type of thing. That said, welcome to the site, have a good time.

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    Welcome my friend! I am from Seattle as well and i now live in Indiana. Hope you have fun here and make friends!

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    Well, beyond amassing a large and diverse diaper collection, I'm a sports fan, reader, music lover, and currently trying to figure out this "husband" thing.

    My wife knows I wear, but we're still trying to define the boundaries. She recently put me in a diaper for the first time. I was so appreciative, the next day I brought her flowers.

    Diapers are a big part of my identity, but finding the balance can be tricky. If I could, I'd wear all the time, but I still feel guilty if I wear for more than a couple days in a row.

    I really enjoy interacting with other AB/DL's. I'm 9/10 DL, 1/10 AB, but I can appreciate most points on the spectrum.

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    Welcome to the site from another local. Hope you'll find the place to your liking. Keep reading around and get a feel for the place and then speak up when you have something good to contribute. Should be fun

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    Quote Originally Posted by Scalie View Post
    Welcome fellow Seattlite.
    I thought Emerald City was a Wizard of Oz reference at first. Love that movie.


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    Welcome as well. So far this site has been the best support site I have found. Congrats on newly being married. Its cool that she is opening up to your interest in diapers. Unfortunatly my wife doesnt have a choice Anyways have fun!

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