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    Talking Finally brought some!

    First let me explain. Today I was all alone in the house and the internet wasn't connecting so I was bored but then I had an idea which was origianally to buy a pacifier and bottle. So I got my money which was 6.00 and I went on my way to the nearest shop

    When I got to the shop they didn't have any baby items there so I went to the shop next to it and the same thing happened. I was going to go back home but decided to go to the nearest supermarket which wasn't that far away but just before I went in I saw a pharmacy and decided to go there. I went in and it was empty except for the person at the till anyway just before I got what I wanted I saw some drynites for 5.79 so I got the courage and brought them

    I am so happy right now and I'm wearing one. Too bad I missed Sleep in Diapers-Friday

    Anyway I'm just soo happy and I had to tell you all. Next time I'm going to get pacifiers and a bottle.

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    Grats mate I love drynites I recently got the courage to buy some, after not wearing for a good 3 months, but that was because i was trying to purge i guess.

    So yea, well done!

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    Hey, congratulations dude! Have fun and watch out for leaks. :P DryNites are pretty notorious for that.

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