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Thread: A Quick (And Probably Dumb) Question

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    Question A Quick (And Probably Dumb) Question

    Again, I'm sorry if this is a stupid question but...
    I have seen on several AB/DL sites, these diapers that are white with four or six blue tapes and a yellow wetness indicator on them and I was curious to find out what they were because I like the way the look and was interested in them and if they were any good.

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    not sure on this..

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    Quote Originally Posted by zach View Post
    not sure on this..
    ...then why on earth did you post? :S

    And toward the question imposed in title, try rechecking the sites to see if there is any mention of diaper type. If not, perhaps check the filenames of the pics?

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    Those diapers kinda sound like Abenas.

    -stole Tygon's picture-

    The one on the left. They have four tapes that are white with blue tabs (for retaping).

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    The ones with six blue tapes and yellow-striped wetness indicators are the old-school Attends. No longer made, extremely difficult to find short of eBay.

    I have two left and I'm hoarding them like gold!

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    why? the only thing i liked about them is they would make it to my chest when they were put on. oh yeah, they smelled nice too

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    Quote Originally Posted by polarbaby View Post
    The ones with six blue tapes and yellow-striped wetness indicators are the old-school Attends.
    Thanks. I think that's what I'm talking about.

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    It does sound like the old Attends you're talking about. I have one left from way back when.
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