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Thread: lol diapers+bath

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    Default lol diapers+bath

    well Thursday i had the day to my self and decided to use up my last disposable underwear and about 7 tena boosters, so of course i took a bath with them on, and wow all i can say is they get big, i had trouble getting them off because it didn't have tapes and they got so big

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    Quote Originally Posted by oblivionxi1 View Post
    lol, how much did the water go down in the tub?
    lol a lot, i was pretty surprise by how much

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    i do this, except i fill mine in the sink to the max, then i walk around in it because i like the waddling feel as if you filled your diaper.

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    So put all 7 boosters in there?

    That must have been gianormous!


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    I've only taken a shower in a diaper, but that was in a hotel where I wouldn't have had to worry about clogged pipes from my experiment. The diaper (Tena Maxi) became so heavy that I had to double the plastic bag I used to carry it downstairs to a trash can, and even then it almost ripped apart.

    Exactly how big did your diaper get? Did it swallow the rest of your body too and you needed to be dug out by the firemen?


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    i know mine can get big enough w/o external wetting.. umm do we need to send a search party?

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    You have to be careful that the gel doesn't clog your pipes. Try explaining that one to a plumber. Uh....yeah...I accidentally got into the tub with my diaper on and, well, like, you know, it filled up really big and then it, like, exploded before I could get it off, and....well....that stuff that's inside it got everywhere....

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    lol none of them exploded or leaked... well one did but that was because i was squeezing the water out of them and squeezed to hard on one, each booster got like a inch or more tall and the disposable underwear got even bigger, i actually took them off before they all got full size but i still had trouble getting them off.

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