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Thread: Hello Fellow Diaper Lovers!

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    Default Hello Fellow Diaper Lovers!

    Hello everyone out there! Mine name is Billy, I'm 16, going onto 17. I'm gay, and like most of you, I LOVE diapers. I jioned here because I thought it'd be cool to meet some other diaper lovers around my age and talk about diapers! Hope to see you all around! =P

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    Hey, welcome to ADISC!

    So do you have any other interests or hobbies? Tell us a bit more about yourself, it doesn't have to be anything to personally identify you, we just like to know more about our new members so we can make friends easier.

    (One thing, don't take this negatively but we don't only talk about diapers. Just keep that in mind...)

    Once again, welcome. Hope you enjoy your stay!

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    I am a little older, well, a lot older - and there are other things to talk about. But if you really want to chat with people one on one of your age, list all the other things you youngsters are into - manga, music, vehicles, other stuff people your age want to talk about, and when talking about those things you can bring up diapers.

    stay around a bit here, you will strike up somefriendships. Or come chat in livechat - though I have to warn you diapers are not all that often the main chat topic. On the other hand through adisc chat you'll find of other chats where that is the main focus.

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    Haha, thank you all, and yes, I have a lot of other things that I like to do like playing video games, drawing, swimming, running, playing basketball, eating, and sleeping.

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    Welcome. You will find a friendly bunch of people here. I'm sure you have discovered the wide range of topics we discuss as well.

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    Welcome Billy! I'm a newbie too, but it's nice to meet you. I'm also into video games and drawing, though most of what I draw is cartoonish. Not really into sports that much, but I like soccer, and used to play tennis.

    Hope to see you around.

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    Did you say baseball? Sadly, the world series holds no interest for me... Watching the New Orleans Saints beat the Falcons, turning their 6-0 record into a 7-0 record is much more interesting to me, with a closely fought game, interesting turnovers, missed field goals, and a recovered onside kick...

    Oh, sorry. You said basketball, not baseball. My mistake. So - ummmm - were watching baseball or football - or - ummm neither - ummm...

    "So how bout them Oilers?" - wait, there I go again...

    *stammering Raccoon dashes down the rest of his beer and excuses himself to go get another.* And this is why you'll always find him in the kitchen at parties...

    YouTube - Jona Lewie -You'll Always Find Me In The Kitchen At Parties

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    Quote Originally Posted by BillyK40 View Post
    Haha, thank you all, and yes, I have a lot of other things that I like to do like playing video games, drawing, swimming, running, playing basketball, eating, and sleeping.
    Eating and sleeping...that's right up my alley. I just hope you have good swim diapers for swimming

    Anyway, welcome to ADISC!


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