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Thread: I will be glad once election day's over...

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    Default I will be glad once election day's over...

    Every year, it's the same damn thing in Ohio. A new casino issue pops up and both sides start slinging mud and feces at each other like a pair of monkeys at a zoo.

    This year, the issue, I hope will pass because I am sick and tired of the political ads on TV about this debate and the debates are everywhere too. It gets bad in Ohio, as many want casinos as Ohio is one state that does not have them while Indiana, Michigan, PA, WVa, and Kentucky all do. So, it gets interesting.

    Last year there was an issue on the ballot to allow a casino resort to be built in Springfield, OH, but that got defeated bad because the guy behind it was a sad-sack named Lyle Berman. All that would have done was to benefit that man, and not be all that good for Ohio.

    This year, it's different. The plan doesn't look too bad but the attack ads are damn annoying this year. UGH. Sorry, but it does get annoying every year. As for me, personally, I am voting for the gambling initiative. I wanna put this casino crap to bed.


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    Maryland had the same problem we are the only state near us that couldn't have slots. I believe we can now but they haven't figured out where they are going to allow the to be put.

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    Yeah those slots in MD would do very good for the DMV area. I am fucking sick of watchin the political commercials for the Virginia gubernatorial race between Creigh Deeds and Bob Mcdonall. It pisses me off that I had to suffer with this for the past 4 months and I don't get off school and work for it.

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    i had a really good time voting this year. the washington state legislature recently passed a "domestic partnership" bill that gives domestic partners, including same-sex partners, the same rights as married couples, but it was put up for public referendum. i've heard it will most likely be upheld, which makes me really happy. yay washington!

    also, my seething hatred for the local city council has been growing with each passing day these past four years, and i relished the opportunity to cast my vote to have most of them thrown out of office. maybe we can get some council members who want downtown to be something other than a smoking bomb crater surrounded by prosperous suburbs. i'd also like to see a policy on the homeless population that works better than pointlessly antagonizing them has done.

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    Just wait next year is a National election. The mud slinging and muck raking will be hot and heavy with both parties after the first of the year. And November 2010 can't get here quick enough too!

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    That will be good. I will hopefully be out of state by then.

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    Well at least it will all be over tomorrow.... hopefully. Up here, I've just been flooded with ads, I'm in New York's 23rd Congressional District, and our congressman was appointed to a government post, so we are having a special election for our seat in the House of Representatives since the seat is currently vacant. The funny thing is, the Republican dropped out, so it's between the Democrat and the guy running on the Conservative party and it's extremely likely that we will elect the third party conservative candidate. We shall see. I will be voting tomorrow, for the third party candidate

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    Virginia has been a mud fest. Judging by the adds and what the candidates have to say about each other. they all must be idiots.

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    Well, I did vote on that casino thing. Decided to get that done and done with early so that way, I can sleep all day and not worry too much about it.

    I voted yes, by the way. Last year, I voted no because of what I found out about the guy who wanted to bring it into Ohio.


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    Hey WildThing: do you think there are any truth to the rumors that Sen. Voinovich is not seeking reelection in the midterms because his involvement in the Coingate/BWC investments scandal will become known? Or that that fool Traficant is going to try and run for Congress (can felons even run for Congress?)

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