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Thread: Who would become incontinent if you could?

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    Default Who would become incontinent if you could?

    I hear various answers as to yes I like being incontinent and no don't do it but ultimately everyone is entitled to their own reasons. I for one think it'd be cool to be in diapers 24/7 simply because I usually am anyways so why not have incontinence to go with it. Alot have told me don't do it but I still feel it's my choice and my wife doesn't mind the idea of it either. She knows I like diapers alot and she likes me in them alot too.

    Is there anyone out there who would dare to do it too or is everyone else against it and all glory but no guts to do it?

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    The difference between the choice of using them and the necessity makes the entire idea lose a lot of flavor. Go ahead if you think it's your thing but I'm against any kind of encumbrances that *will* affect you in the future.

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    Yea i'm always thinking about it off and on and the problems that would come with it...its all talk for now anyways and it has been for awhile for me...

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    Holy crap your starting threads like crazy...

    My answer is hell no, It might be fun for the first few days but after that it would be terrible. Look it up on the answers wiki.

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    LoL....yea i'm b..o...r....e.....d

    Um I did and it didnt seem to phase me....cant even remember what it said to be honest, prolly cus i didnt care....idk

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    Personally its something I would like to experience for a few days when I don't have to worry about seeing my family or friends. But I know it would get old real quick. Besides, think of how much more money you would have to spend on diapers. As a college student living on my own it would really cut into my liquid assests.

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    True...but why would it matter if you liked/loved being in diapers enough to do it on the other hand...

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    No. I never want to be. I will find it very annyoing to go out and have to find a toilet to change every so often.
    I find it very annyoing to even having to find a toilet every 40mintue to an hour.

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    There is a certain appeal to the loss of control for me, but I have spent about 3 months wearing and using 24/7, so I have an idea of the troubles that incontinence brings. Carrying diapers everywhere, changing in public restrooms, and limiting my activities to accommodate my diapered state were some of the biggest problems for me. If you already live in that style, then maybe, but for me, it'll have to remain a fantasy for another day.

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    No, it may be fun for a few days but it would soon become a *HUGE* inconvenience. Besides my whole lifestyle would come to an end under those circumstances.

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