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Thread: This is me.

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    Default This is me.

    Hi there!

    Uhmm, so about me eh?
    I am a diapergirl hailing from the East Coast of Canada, where I live with my Angel in my basement hovel.
    I like lots of things, and I'm easy to please...people call me a nice person, but worries, trust me. I don't bite...
    My interests are pretty widespanning and cover a bit of everything;
    For starters, I like nappies, both wearing them and putting them on my partner as a sensual experience, but not for age play. I currently don't play at baby, and I am a pretty bad role player, and I prefer to avoid most/all kinds of RP.
    I'm an avid gamer, spanning from classics to modern, but I avoid sports and sports games, focusing more on action, adventure, deep plots, and cocky, one-linering, cool heroes like Master Chief.
    I listen to tonnes of music, spanning most types of metal, punk, rock, and even country, but I don't like rap.
    Movies sucker me in as well, especially Sci-fi, action, fantasy, and spaghetti westerns (Especially those starring Clint, because Clint glare > all)
    For the occasional fun outside of nappies, I have been known to experiment with small tastes of other things, as an open mind leads to lots of crazy thoughts, and a slightly impulsive temperament like mine can lead those thoughts straight to reality.

    I hope to meet lots of new and exciting friends on the forum and in the chat room.
    Any questions you may have can always be put here, and I will be glad to answer them, when I see them AND have an answer to the question.

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    Default hello and welcome

    *snuggles inari*


    Great to be able to see a new member within the forums here. Its very active here with a lot of great people to be able to chat with both on chat and in the forums. I hope you like it here.

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    Nice introduction!

    Welcome to our community! I hope that you enjoy it here!

    Please feel free to post any thoughts or ask for any advice or support you might need.

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    Welcome enjoy everything here post your feelings and stuff like that

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    Lovely intro, makes me feel like I have already got to know you a little. Partly due to lots of non-diaper-related information and partly from your unique and recognizable prose style. Looking forward to more of the same.

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