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Thread: How to get a Doctor to prescribe diapers...

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    Exclamation How to get a Doctor to prescribe diapers...

    Just felt like being weird and bringing up another strange topic for the heck of it. I was recently bored and decided to google how to get a doctor to prescribe you diapers and I came across an article that said someone was able to do it with a full wet diaper, got the nurse to change him because he had his hand in a brace, he faked his way through the testing, then faked the medication, and made important points not to get surgery along with telling him he had 3 head injuries and some recent back pain etc. Seems true but maybe not...

    I figured i'd go test this theory out soon and let everyone know if it works or not....

    Anyone ever tried anything like this? or have any open thoughts about this?

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    No. But I think you should be careful... You may be penalized for lying about something like that.. Especially by the insurance company... (Shh! Don't let them hear!)

    If you try, be careful. And for God's sake, give us updates.

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    Tried asking docs to prescribe diapers, they didnt and wont

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    Wow, hold up there. Think about what your about to do. The tests can be painful and there are alot of them. They are not fun.

    This idea sounds kind of far fetched to me. I don't think thats a very good thing to do. Besides, a) how old is that article? You might not be able to fake through the tests now. and b) What if the doctor knows your not incontinent? by that I mean he/she finds out your not through testing. What would that mean for you? Now that would be an ackward moment.

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    The only way? Become incontinent.

    Bad idea, though! REALLY BAD!

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    Quote Originally Posted by NeiNei View Post
    The only way? Become incontinent.

    Bad idea, though! REALLY BAD!

    Look up 'why would I want incontinence?' on the answers wiki. You really don't want to become incontinent.

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    It was just a general topic I threw up in the air lol. Just was wondering if anyone has found out or thought of anything different about it then what I found...

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    What you are describing is called insurance fraud. If you get caught you can go to jail.

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    Insurance fraud is a big no no and will not score any points by me. If you think the doctor won't find out your faking then well, have fun in white collar prison or worse.

    You don't need diapers you want diapers.. buy them out right like the rest of us.

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    I think it would technically be "possible" for a doctor to prescribe diapers, but here's the thing: A doctor's job is to cure a problem, and if they cannot do that, then they will go into "manage the problem" mode. Diapers simply manage the problem, they don't cure the underlying issue of incontinence. It's more likely that if you are faking it, that you will have to go through a series of expensive, and most probably somewhat painful tests. You'll also likely get prescribed several medications. I believe there's one for bedwetting, and probably other's for bladder and or urinary tract health, and you'll probably be "prescribed" certain exercises like kegals or something like that.

    What I'm going to say next comes from my professional experience, please don't hate me, but I work in insurance, specifically health insurance *ducks out of the way of the flying eggs being thrown at me... haha, you missed me :P* Basically, all of these tests are going to cost you. At least in the United States even with health insurance, there are out of pocket costs like co-pays, deductibles, cost-sharing, etc. Even if these tests are covered by insurance, and they probably are (though if the insurance company found out proof positive that you were attempting to defraud them, be prepared for a legal hell and a hefty fine), if the tests are covered, you will have to pay your co-pay each time for EVERY test, and believe me there will be several. Also, tests like these generally go against a health insurance plans deductible. If you work for the government, this deductible is probably quite low, however if you are in the private sector, be prepared for a deductible likely between $500-$1,500, though deductibles of up to $5,000 are not unheard of. The way I look at it, this is money out of your pocket that you are spending so that you "might" get a script for diapers, which would as others have said most likely be crappy hospital type ones, not anything good.

    Chances are, even if you do get the prescription, you would have spent a minimum of several hundred dollars, but likely a few thousand dollars in your quest to get free or low cost, low quality diapers. My feeling is why go through all this effort and spend the money on doctors for no good reason when you could just take the money you were going to spend on doctors and tests and such and just go out and buy a lot of good quality diapers. At least that's my feeling on the subject.

    *Although this probably goes without saying, I am against any attempts to try and defraud an insurance company.

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