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Thread: hi from the uk

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    Default hi from the uk

    Hi.. well i'm from the uk, london to be exact..

    I've been viewing this site for abit of time and only just had the courage to actually sign up and introduce main interests are computers (building, fixing etc) and watching lots of anime

    I also play some online games such as Wow, Gunz online, etc
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    Ah, hello. Someone else from England I see...

    Welcome to the site and have a lovely time!

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    London, bugger it - you're the best part of 700 miles away from me

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    Quote Originally Posted by exxz View Post
    Welcome from the U.K.


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    Another person from England land.
    Hope you enjoy your time here!

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    Quote Originally Posted by exxz View Post

    I hereby declare this topic as British territory. Tea anyone?
    Lets not derail from the topic, im pretty sure its against the rules... but while there are no mods here i'll take you up on that offer. -sips tea-

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    The good ol' Brits are a growing majority on this site but tea is disgusting and we have derailed too far beyond the purpose of the topic at hand. Welcome to ADISC! With video games I am a PS3 Madden addict.

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