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    If you don't know who Brett Favre is, he is a future hall of fame QB for the Minnesota Vikings. He played 16 seasons with the Green Bay Packers and one each with the Atlanta Falcons as a backup rookie and a lackluster season as a New York Jet. In Green Bay, he claimed the NFL Record book with TDs, interceptions, yards thrown, 3 MVPs and a Super Bowl Ring. I start this topic because after two straight retirement-unretirement summers and his first game against the Green Bay Packers in Lambeau Field tomorrow further starts the Favre drama that football players view each and every day of their lives. So, what is your opinion on Brett Favre? Excited about tomorrow afternoon? Sick of him claiming SportsCenter each and every day?

    I really don't care. He is just a great QB and just wants to play into his 40s. At his rate, he really can't retire.

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    I have one thing to say, he should have retired. I don't care how good he is, the Vikings do have good talent around him but I feel that he should have retired. I didn't like how he screwed over the Green Bay Packer fans and I have a bad feeling the Packers might never want to retire his number.

    Farve should have retired. Really, that's my thought. I can understand wanting one more ring, but still... God, good God, enough is enough.


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    He was bood like crazy at todays game. Personaly, i'm with Green Bay; it's one thing when your good and you play 2-4 years for a team and then get traded but he played 16 seasons with Green Bay, Retires, comes back for the Jets, retires, and then comes back for the vikings. He should have walked away when he retired the first time.

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    I only heard some of the boos, because I slept most of the day after having to work all night Halloween at work.

    It was surprising to see him at Lambeau Field in Purple and Yellow, instead of Green and Yellow. WEIRD. But still, wow. Interesting game from what I saw through dozing in and out of sleep all day long.


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    On one hand, it's Favre's life. On the other:

    Quote Originally Posted by WildThing121675 View Post
    I didn't like how he screwed over the Green Bay Packer fans and I have a bad feeling the Packers might never want to retire his number.
    What he said. Whether Favre won that second Super Bowl or not, he had a chance to retire and go out pretty much considered a hero by most Packers fans... But now?

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    John Elway murdered that Super Bowl in 1998. Well technically it was Terrell Davis. Brett Favre and the NFL are synonymous and it really will be hard once he actually retires for good. The Vikings tried real hard especially since the Vikings will probably be 4-3 or 3-4 with Tarvaris Jackson or Sage Rosenfels.

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