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Thread: Leaking...and what to do for it ?

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    Default Leaking...and what to do for it ?

    I have an issue with leaking after i pee...i get dressed and then more pee leaks out, and its make then the few drops that shaking normally get rid off...what could i wear that would be discrete but would keep me from staining underwear or showing that i leaked if i wore light colored pants?

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    Poise if you wear tighty whities...or panties :P They're for that specific reason of leaks.

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    There was a thread, or actually a few of them a while back, here's one of them:

    I replied in that thread and I copied what I wrote here, since it's still relevant. I'm guessing though that since there's quite a number of threads about this issue that it could be fairly common. I really don't think it's anything to worry about, though you can certainly try seeing your doctor about it.

    My response in the other thread:

    I know exactly what you are talking about, I have it too. It is something called post micturition dribble. Essentially, it happens that when you "go" you can't get it all out and some extra urine drips out involuntarily afterwards. It's not a big deal, it can happen to anyone of any age, I should know, I have this condition. Personally, I wear a "guard", like the depend guards for men during the day, all day, every day. It shouldn't be a big deal, they are not noticeable at all and after a while wearing one becomes pretty routine and will help prevent any possible embarrasment.

    Quote Originally Posted by Mako View Post
    Poise if you wear tighty whities...or panties :P They're for that specific reason of leaks.
    That's an idea for sure, though Poise are for women, there's certainly several types of guards for men that are around that are designed to fit the male anatomy a lot better.
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    I was confused at first if it was just a little after not shaking or a bit more. Pads would probably be the best solution in this case.

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    abit more then the few dops shaking takes care of..this is clase ot an 1/8th of a cup at times

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    Yea same problem, I ahve to wait some time and for males like milk your junk along the uretha tube from front to back....forces all the left over urine out of your tube.

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    ^^^ same problem and tried that. It doesn't work for me, and is a real pain in the ass when I am gaming. I don't have time to sit on the toilet...

    I agree with pads, but I would be as worried about it as if I was buying diapers so I wouldn't go out and buy them. You could always try to make a makeshift pad like Im going to, plastic wrap and paper towels. 'Nuff said.

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    You might try Tena Overnight pads. You can get from Wal-Mart. I use them as extra pads for my daily wear but I have also worn them alone with my undies. They have a sticky backing that keeps it in place and it can hold even a single flood. They are the best I found so far for the cost. easy to cary a spare and ditch in a public restroom too.

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    A pad is going to be your best bet in terms of a management solution. You may have a cureable problem related to your incomplete voiding though, maybe look into that.

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