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    I went to my psychologist for the first time today. I was very nervous. It went well over all, except for the fact that everything that I told her was pretty much lies. I did it so I would not upset my mother. Like she asked how long I have been depressed for, I said one month, where in reality it has been 4 years. She asked are you good at socializing, I again said yes, so I would not upset my mom.

    My next appt. is next friday there I am going alone from now on, my mom came this time to fill out paper work. I will start to unload about what I am really feeling.

    She also asked what do I do to relieve stress, I was tempted to say AB/DL. but that would have been too much too soon.

    Anyways just thought I'd fill you all in.

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    your mom had to go with you the first time? weird.... i strongly suggest next time you tell her the truth... if you don't you'rjust wasting your time and money.

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    you should ask her if what you say is private, she'll have to answer honestly but in all likelyhood she only needs to report if your either doing something dangerous to yourself or someone else or thinking of it.

    If that's the case then open up about everything. You wouldn't believe how good it feels to be able to tell someone everything. None of the ones I have ever told anyone abut me being a TB when I told them. But really if your not going to take it seriously let her at least help someone that wants and needs help.

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    I'm really glad you got to go see a psychologist, but next time, be thorough and tell her the truth. And like Fire2Box said, it may put your mind at ease to ask if your conversations will stay private.

    Remember that your psychologist is there to help you, so don't be afraid to tell her what you're feeling/thinking/going through.

    Good luck!

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    Telling her lies will get you nowhere, your there to get help with your problems so be honest. Also everything is confidential so relax and say what you feel is necessary.

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    Personally, i think it was good doing that to stop your mum from worrying to much, and just making her feel worse about it.

    But yea, when your there alone tell the truth, including this, otherwise whats the point in going at all.

    Good luck, keep us informed!

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    if your psycologist is anything like mine, she might have a 'tablet' computer thing, or something, if needed sometimes, my psych would do a rapid google search, or, say when we discussed improving my socialisation, he showed me a body language book by allen/barbara pease on amazon. if necessay maybe if you mention ABDl, tell her the site of understanding infantilism. if a psychologist doesnt know something. shesllbe tempted to figure what it is..

    DEFINATELY dont lie anymore... btw psycologists apparently can divulge infomration under duty of care, hat only happens if they feel you or others are at risk.

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    Imjust lied to keep my mom, who was right next to me in the room from worrying. If i told the psych. what iwas really feeling, then my mom would prolly start to cry and I don't want that, b/c then her life gets affected more and that just makes everything fall apart. Next friday though, b/c i have appts. every week I will un load everything.

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