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Thread: Insurance and Diapers

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    Default Insurance and Diapers

    Does anyone know if health insurance will cover diapers for bedwetting with a doctors prescription. I have Blue shield and I know they don't but I contacted my wifes insurance and the lady told me to get a prescription from my doctor for them and try to get them through the pharmacy and see if the insurance would pay for them. She said if they did she would recommend using mail order. I currently use Xplus and get my abena xplus with plastic backing from them.
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    Butterfly Mage


    In Maryland, Medicare and Medicaid will cover diapers if it's for actual incontinence. However, I don't know of any regular insurance that will.

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    if your insurance covers them, they will likely be the cheapest ones that the medical supply place carries.... you can forget about getting x-plus's

    your best bet is to put money in flexible spending and see if you can get them re-imbursed there. Flexible spending is actually your money, but it comes out pre-tax on your paycheck.

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    Like was said, they wont be x-plus and they wont even be Abena brand, but most likely you will have a hard time getting them covered for just bedwetting, and better yet you will probably have a hard time finding a doctor that will write a prescription for them, for just bedwetting.
    Now if you have disabilities along with your bedwetting, like a physical disability or something, then you have a better chance of getting them covered, but if it is only bedwetting, I dont think you have much of a chance, but it is probably still worth a try

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    Health insurance these days is generally pretty state-specific and different states have different rules and regulations so I strongly recommend checking with your carrier. However, I will say that generally the answer is going to be no. Even if they allow it, I'm pretty sure you would need a doctor's note prescribing them, you would probably have to pick them up at the pharmacy counter. Basically, it wouldn't be as simple as going to the store, buying them and submitting the receipt, so it's unlikely that you would be reimbursed.

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    As Butterfly Mage stated....Yes most state Medicaid Programs do cover it if it's 'Actual Incontinence' and/or if you can prove it etc., but again as stated above you'll probably end up with those cheap blue looking diapers that most of us have seen floating around. The one's the Hospitals and Pharmacies sell for like 10 bucks that are blue with yellow wetness indicators and I also believe they have no leakguards either...

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    I've seen a commercial for this on Animal Planet at like 5 a.m. It was some company that delivered incontinence supplies to your door for (I think) free/low charge if you had medicaid/medicare. But, yeah. They'd probably give you Depends or another cheap brand. But, you may be able to get a discount on something like Molicares if you talked it out with the company.

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    I would think so, yea...

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    All insurance is different. I am incontinent and my insurance will not pay for disposable products like diapers but will pay for catheters and other medical supplies considered Durable Medical.

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    Your insurance companies suck down there! After I got my diagnoses and my script from the doctor, I can buy anything in any quantity, full reimbursement, no questions. I currently use bambinos and Abena products.

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