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Thread: new littlefur

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    Default new littlefur

    hi everyone, i am new to this site and was told by a friend about it. so please help me feel welcome, thanks!

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    *hugs back* Thanks a ton Garurumon for the welcome. I hope to meet more new furs here. I am also sim288 on youtube as well.

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    Hey Welcome to ADISC, hope you have fun here *hugs*
    It's always nice to see more babyfurs.

    Do you have a FurAffinity account? If so, you may want to add yourself to this thread:

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    Thanks Distant Wolf! *hugs you!* and no i don't have a Fur Affinity account yet. I hope to meet more people as well.

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    So who was the friend that pointed you to us? Does he have an account here too?

    Oh ya... Welcome! Hope you enjoy your time here, no matter how long or short that time is.

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    Thanks Noah and Link! And yeah it was Jimpy that told me about this board. I am happy here, thanks everyone!

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    Welcome. It's a great sit from what I've seen, I'm sure you'll love it here.

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