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    Smile Hello!

    Hello everyone!
    I would be new here, but I have lurked for a bit....
    Ummm.... so....
    Yeah, My name is frog, and I just wanted to say hi to you guys....
    I like space, computers, and might put on a diaper from time to time, but I think you may have figured that part out by now. But yeah, big fan of the whole sci/tech thing... I am a stargate fan, (SG1, SGA, SGU) and like
    I guess what I am saying is....

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    Dude! I love space too!

    What's you're favourite kind of space?

    Big space, small space, everything-in-between space?
    Outer space, inner space, dynamic space?






    Space bar?

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    outer space! I love playing with a space sim... fly your way right off this crazed rock! though usually only hit LEO before running out of fuel and finding myself coming back down to earth.

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    whatup frog!
    first time seeing a frog SN here.... though we have a kool HypnoToad here!
    Hope you have a fun, enjoyable time being part of the ADISC community!
    ~ Will

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    I always think of the Frog theme every time I hear the word Frog.
    Welcome to the forums.

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    *jumps over you* Leap Frog!

    In other words: Welcome to ADISC, dude! Outer space iz coool! Do you like aliens?


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    Welcome to ADISC! Finally we have frogs and not more toads (no offense). Star Wars?

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    Star wars is cool, like trek too... I feel very welcome here, thats great.

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