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  • I am accepting of my sexual orientation, and I am accepting of who I am

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  • I am confused about my acceptance of my sexual orientation

    18 9.78%
  • I am confused on what is my sexual orientation

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Thread: Opinion about YOUR sexual orientation

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    Default Opinion about YOUR sexual orientation

    This is a poll just to see what is people's general views on their sexual orientation. Are you accepting on it? Or not? Confused?

    Personally, this is a topic that plagues me each day. I in technical terms am heteroflexible but still cannot decide whether I can fully say that I am bi. If I knew what my sexual orientation was, then I would slowly progress with it but would be isolated with it. Yet I would be accepting on my behalf. Lets wait and see how this goes on for me.

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    I'm definitely accepting of my sexual orientation (gay) now, at the age of 31, but I didn't get to this point until well into my twenties.

    I would say that the first thing is to accept yourself for who you are, and then accepting your sexual orientation will follow. You don't have to make a choice and then 'progress' it - just go with the flow of what you feel is right for you at the time. Nothing you do is final, so as long as you're accepting of yourself, there's no reason you would become isolated.

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    I'm very comfortable with being bisexual. It's always been a part of me, and hey, male and female bodies are beautiful in their own way. Why leave the other one out?

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    I'm accepting of my sexual orientation (straight). But I guess my opinion doesn't count as much because being straight is supposedly the norm.

    But I'm definitely comfortable with myself.

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    I'm confused about whether I am gay, or bisexual. I am okay with people being that, and would certainly be okay with being either myself.

    I'll figure it out in my own time.

    --The Foxxeh Assassin--

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    I'm fine with being straight, and I'm fine with what other people are. It doesn't matter to me.

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    Homosexual. I wish i could come out of the closet to my family. It would be much easyer.
    BUt my family is convined homosexuality is a choice. And would do who knows what to me.

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    i would be fine with being straight or gay, but i'm not sure how i feel about being asexual.

    on the one hand, sex really really grosses me out and even thinking about it makes me uncomfortable. so i can't really say i wish i liked sex.

    on the other hand, i would like to be a part of a family someday. i don't like to picture myself being alone all my life, and i don't want to die alone.

    also, i don't like the way being asexual makes me relate to people. i'm almost afraid of people my own age, because there's always the question of weather we're trying to get into each other's shorts, and that freaks me out. i like to be friendly and forthcoming, but i can't stand the thought that people would think i'm trying to hit on them, it just makes me feel so sleazy. and i also get freaked out when people try to hit on me. as a result, most of my friends are middle-aged, since those are the only people i can feel really comfortable around. i feel like i'm missing out on a lot of the important aspects of friendship because i'm so uptight in the way i relate to people. i wish i could just tattoo "i don't want to fuck you" on my forehead.

    anyway, i chose "I am confused about my acceptance of my sexual orientation"

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    I dread how terrible life would be if I couldn't accept such a fundamental aspect of myself as sexuality.

    That said, what one has to accept as an asexual is everything you aren't going to get to do in life. Unless you're an emotionless rock, this actually means quite a bit. You're faced with knowledge that, most likely, you're never going to get to truly love and share your life with anybody. "Accepting" asexuality means confronting this inherent loneliness, coming to terms with it, and then deciding how to make the best of a life without such a basic human need fulfilled.

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