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Thread: Adult StarBunz? I can make those, should I?

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    Default Adult StarBunz? I can make those, should I?

    Ok all, I know a lot of people know of my shop for adult diapers. Well I have had to remove one of the diapers that I make dure to Quality issues. So I am looking to Replace it with another diaper item. I know that a lot of people have asked me for a diaper cover(not waterproof) much like StarBunz makes. I wanted to see what everyones thoughts on this would be before I went off the wall making a few of each animal. I will be working on a puppy this weekend for somone but I do not know if I should work to make a lot or just the one. These would really be a single layer trainer with no stuffing. So all of the time will go into the face.

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    Oh my goodness, that's adorable! Never seen those before.

    But if I were you, I would make one first, and see how interested in continuing in making them. Good luck! I hope I can buy one someday!

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    I just wanted to see if people were even willing to check them out, I know i have one "sold" so I wanted to test the waters be for buying suplies in bulk. Oh and mine are not diapers, or cloth diaper covers(though they can do it). This is a cover for a Disposable from my way of thinking.

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    That...would be freaking awesome. I would seriously buy one if/when I get a bit of cash on my hands. :heart: Cute cute cute!

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    OMG Freaking adorable. I would so want one if I had the money. ^^

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    those are soooooooo cute But I don't have the money to spend on one I'm sure they would sell though

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    Hell yeah I'd get it! If it could have like PVC or something on the inside to make it a bit easier to wash, that'd be cool but probably unnecessary. I'd totally get one! As long as they were within the under $20 price range...

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    ^_^ Wow, omg these are really cute! Can I have some, Please, Please?

    If you can make them, then YeS, I would Definitely say, "Do It!"

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    Well I should have my first prototyle done tomarrow, Like i said they are covers for disposables so have no padding, so i can keep the price low. even with all the work it will take for the faces I can see $20 and shipping as a good range of price. My first one is a puppy for Ollie

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    OMG i would buy one.... if i had money which i will have soon

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