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Thread: Plastic pants?

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    Default Plastic pants?

    hey, I have found a bunch of things mentioning plastic pants... what exactly do they do?

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    thay stop leaks to an extent, and go over cloth or disposable diaper.
    i have a pair that have a cloth lineing, its not to thick but it helpd stop the leaks pooling. make sur you get a pair with tight leg cufs or thay will be not worth while.
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    Well they don't stop leaks, but they definitely help. Some quieter ones can mask the sound of louder diapers. They also just are awesome.

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    Plastic pants are like a second line of defence, but as soon as you can feel moisture around the leg bands better get changeing quickly.

    I like overnight rubber pants better, the extra room in the center makes like a resivior, as long as your not sitting they will hold about a 1/2 cup of liquid, standing.

    Plastic is a must with cloth that was mainly what they were designed for, rubber was first, then plastic, I wore rubber and cloth as a kid

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    We used to use plastic pants with our children when they were babies and toddlers even though they wore disposable. They wore them when they were dressed to go out like to church, family, etc. That way if they had a real messy out pouring, it wouldn't flood their disposable and ruin their clothes. The plastic pants kept it contained until they could be changed.

    So if you were flooding a disposable at night you could wear plastic pants as a second defense. They should be tight at the legs and waste. If you wear cloth, they are a must and are part of the set up. I love cloth and plastic, though I may buy some rubber pants. How erotic!

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    They are mainly used for protection and a second line of defense when needed. I personally don't own one since the store ones are for infants. Very useful though.

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    Well they look, sound, and smell distinctive. They can, girdle-like, hold up a saggy crotch, and stop a heavy disposable from tearing its tapes, escaping, and running pell-mell down the street. Rubber is pretty water-tight at the waist and legs, for a given tightness, compared to plastic. (Of course all this depends on the cut, how they fit you, and what sort of plastic/rubber is used.)

    Cloth lined training pants over disposables are as secure as it gets, leak-wise.

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    they have saved my couch from leaks many times!

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    I thought about getting a pair or few myself. I hear they protect you from visible leaks as mentioned above...

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