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Thread: Slow browsing of ADISC on psp

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    Default Slow browsing of ADISC on psp

    Thought it mostly fit into this section. when browsing adisc on my psp like now, each page takes foreverrr to load... any tips on speeding up browsing somehow on psp?

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    Do you keep the history atleast semi clean ?

    That always affects my PSP browsing speed.

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    i clear history every 10 mins...

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    Only open one tab. Three slows it down. And two the PSP was not built for web browsing. It does not have enough ram and memory.

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    The PSP's browser is inherently crap unfortunately. Forums are quite big websites to load - I'd just try to avoid using the site on the PSP. Upgrading it might help (Go has double the RAM).

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    There are homebrew browsers. I don't know if you have custom firmware though. And I haven't actually tried the homebrew browsers myself. Just something I know is out there.

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    PS3 browser was what i started with. A little bad with posting but not bad. Don't have PSP but use my laptop and my iPod Touch with this site.

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    This may help:

    Some things are very limited though. For now you're probably better off dealing with the slowness.

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